Vibrators for Clitoral Stimulation Vibrators for Clitoral Stimulation

A Beginner's Guide


What are the best Beginner toys for men & Women? This guide will help you pick your first Toy!

With Our Beginner Sex Toys Guide

We will help you find the toy best suited to you with our guide to sex toys for beginners. Whether you want to add more adventure to your lovemaking or add some zing to your solo play, we've got you covered with a wide range of products. Learn more about them and what they do here!  

Unique Sensations

Pulsating, throbbing and vibrating: vibrators provide sensations that no other toy or human can produce. Enhance your your enjoyment!

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What are Vibrators?

You can get a vibrator in pretty much every shape and size you can imagine, and all are designed to give maximum pleasure - pleasure that no human can replicate. For reals, these toys are legit!  Our rabbits, wands, bullets, eggs, remote controlled vibes and curved G-spot stimulators provide clitoral, G-spot and a mix of all types of stimulation. Forget diamonds, we reckon vibrators are a girl’s best friend!

Who are Vibrators best for?

Well, primarily women! Lots of women can only orgasm through clitoral stimulation, which accounts for the popularity of vibrators. These special toys pulsate, throb, and vibrate, producing sensations that no other toy or human can provide. Some vibrators combine internal and external stimulation (like the rabbits) which can result in pretty spectacular blended orgasms.

Why you should a Vibrator?

Are you a woman who needs clitoral TLC to climax? Do you like the idea of incorporating a clitoral stimulator into couple’s play? Does the idea of blended orgasms sound delicious to you?

Then we think you may love owning a vibrator!

Pressing His Buttons

Male sex toys are now more diverse than ever and meet every conceivable need for couple's play or solo pleasure. 

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What are Male Sex Toys?

In recent years, we have seen a huge improvement in the male sex toy offering. The products cater to every need imaginable: anal play, prostate stimulation, couple's adventure and products to keep you harder for longer.

Why you should get one?
Sex toys are no longer just for women. Our diverse male sex toy range offers our guys many different types of pleasure during either lovemaking or solo play. 

What types of Male Toys we have:

Cock rings: These are great for keeping erections harder for longer. Vibrating versions offer stimulation to your female partner during lovemaking.

Prostate massagers: Often used to enhance masturbation, these toys stimulate the prostate gland, known as the male G-spot. They result in incredible male orgasms and more intense sensations. 

What types of Male Toys we have:

Penis Extension Sleeves: Add length and texture to your penis with a sleeve.

Masturbators: Simulate the real feel of sex for great solo play.

Penis enlargers: Make yourself bigger with penis extenders and vacuum pumps.

Adding Extra Sensations

Anal toys are extremely popular, thanks to the different and delicious sensations they add to sex. 

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What are Anal Toys?

These hugely popular toys are designed to stimulate the many nerve endings found in your bum, making sex feel even more delicious and orgasmic. Anal toys are great for both men and women, and add a wonderful feeling of fullness to your sexy time.

Who are Anal Toys for?

Pretty much everyone! Anal toys are great for men and women, during either solo or partner play. If you want to add another dimension of pleasure to your sex life, we'd recommend trying one of these toys. They offer a wide range of sensations that will change the way sex feels. 

Why you should get an Anal Toy?

To add new sensations to sex. Anal toys can help you orgasm faster, harder & bring in a whole new, fun dimension to your play. 

We’ve got many options for you to try. Anal beads are perfect for beginners, thanks to their ease of use, un-intimidating appearance and graduated sizing. We also stock anal probes, butt plugs and even vibrators. 

Fantastic Fullness

For feelings of fullness, try a dildo. These waterproof toys are wonderful for bath-time play, and when paired with a clitoral vibrator, can do amazing things! 

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What are Dildos?

Dildos are simple, no-fuss sex toys that come in a variety of shapes and colours to suit your needs. We love dildos for their versatility - you can use them for anal or vaginal play, depending on your preference.

Who are Dildos for?

Everyone - especially those who like a feeling of fullness or who need internal stimulation to orgasm. Dildos are great for solo male or female play. Some dildos are harness compatible, making them perfect for lesbian or adventurous hetero couples who are looking to add a penetrative option to their play.

Why you should get a Dildo?

Get a dildo if you want realistic and delicious internal stimulation and feelings of fullness. These toys are waterproof, which means you can use the toys in the jacuzzi, bath or shower. Dildos are also great to use with clitoral vibrators if you want an even more potent orgasm! 

Anticipation & Adventure

If you like the idea of being completely submissive to your partner, or the thought of completely dominating your partner turns you on then BDSM is a good option to consider.

What is Bondage + BDSM?

Bondage is a big and exciting world to explore and if you’re looking to start out, we have a range of light bondage goodies to try out, from blindfolds and handcuffs to feather ticklers and whips. Explore the art of bondage, discipline, dominance, submission and sadomasochism and enter a world of heightened arousal, trust and vulnerability. For the more experienced, we have electro sex toys, nipple clamps and even love swings.

Who is Bondage + BDSM for?

Anyone! If you want to explore feelings of teasing and pleasing, restraint and anticipation, then this is for you. If you like the idea of being completely submissive to your partner, or the thought of completely dominating your partner turns you on then BDSM is a good option to consider. 

Why you should get a Bondage Toy?

It’s a wonderful way to try new things, broaden your sexual horizons and add a new, fun element to your couple’s play - which can only increase feelings of intimacy and trust between you and your partner.

Tighter & Healthier

Keep it tight with our Kegel exercise balls. Loads of gynaecologists, sexologists and pelvic floor experts believe in the power of Kegel exercises. Named after the doctor who discovered them, Kegel exercises (basically, the strengthening of your PC muscles) have many benefits.

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What are Kegels + Eggs?

These are small and discreet egg-shaped balls that you insert into your vagina to tighten your pelvic floor muscles. The result? Stronger orgasms for you and a tighter feeling for him. Kegel exercise balls are also recommended for women who battle with incontinence after birth.

Who are Kegel Toys for?

Kegel balls are designed specifically for women, to tighten pelvic floor (PC) muscles. The bottom line: stronger pelvic muscles make sex feel better for both partners. Start exercising your pelvic floor muscles today!

Why you should get an Egg or Kegel Toys?

Kegels adn Eggs offer many other benefits for your sexual health, but if you like the idea of stronger vaginal muscles, stronger orgasms and a tighter feeling for your man, then you’ll love the results of Kegel exercise balls.

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They're popular for a reason, and they all have different benefits and personalities! We hope you find the perfect toy that makes you feel great.