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Kegel Exercise Balls

Tighten and Tone

Strengthen your pelvic muscles and enhance your sexual pleasure with our range of Kegel exercise balls. Designed to provide a discreet and effective workout, our selection of balls will help you achieve greater control and sensitivity, no matter your experience level.

These balls are made to strengthen your pelvic floor, for better sex. They offer many other benefits for your sexual health, too. If you've never used them before, they may seem a little daunting. The idea of putting (and holding) balls down below is a little strange at first. Once you've given it a try and started noticing the difference they make in your orgasms, these balls will be your new best friend. Over time, your pelvic floor muscles slowly begin to loosen. Childbirth, aging, prolapse and other factors can all affect your pelvic floors. When those muscles loosen, sex can begin to lose its fun. Luckily, tools like Kegel pelvic balls can bring back the fun, tightening you up in all the right places. They'll also help you regain lost pelvic muscle, improving your overall health in the process. How do you choose the right balls? This will ultimately come down to you. We have a variety of balls in the Matilda's store. This collection includes metal balls, silicone balls, remote-controlled balls, vibrating balls, and many others. Browse our collection to see what catches your eye. Whichever balls you decide to choose, Matilda's makes it easier than ever to buy Kegel balls online in South Africa.