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You'll love our remote-controlled sex toys for all the naughty fun they add to your sex life. Remote (and app-controlled) toys are perfect for long-distance couples who want to explore their sexuality together, even when they're apart. How fun and playful are these toys!? Imagine this: You and your partner are at dinner: Your partner is using one of these vibrating "eggs" inside them. You have control of the remote. During the second course, you decide to press the on button. Your partner silently is teased towards orgasms while trying their best to remain discreet. Now it's your turn!



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LeloHugo | Prostate Massager
3 reviews
Sale priceR 4,079 Regular priceR 5,099
CraveDuet PRO | Clitoral Vibrator
No reviews
Sale priceR 2,155 Regular priceR 2,695
Rocks-OffTwo-Vibe | Flexible Pleasure Vibe
1 review
Sale priceR 1,399 Regular priceR 1,999
LovenseLush 3 | Egg Vibrator
8 reviews
Sale priceR 3,599 Regular priceR 3,935
We-VibeMatch | Couples Vibrator
2 reviews
Sale priceR 2,999 Regular priceR 3,299
LeloLyla 2 | Egg Vibrator
1 review
Sale priceR 3,699 Regular priceR 3,799

These toys are made to give you all the pleasure you can imagine at the touch of a button. Unlike regular vibrators, they are controlled with a remote. A variety of settings can take you from arousal to explosive climax in no time. We've got a variety of toys that can be controlled remotely. Look out for vibrating butt plugs, couple's vibrators, vibrating panties, vibrating eggs, and many other toys that will have you in ecstasy in no time! One of the best ways to make use of these little gadgets is to ramp up date night so that neither of you will forget. Relive those erotic Fifty Shades scenes and put your pleasure in the hands of your partner. Few things are as thrilling as not knowing when that pulsating excitement will begin to build. Trying to keep quiet as the sensations overwhelm you adds even more to the experience. Give one of these toys a try to see how much fun they are. Although they are certainly a must-have for partner play, these toys can also be used for solo sessions. You'll have full control over the speed and settings of your toy without the need to look for buttons on the device itself. Use with your favourite lubricant, set aside time for yourself and indulge in a bit of play. We promise... you'll enjoy every second! With so many to choose from, Matilda's is the best place to buy remote-controlled sex toys online.