Foreplay, Turn on the heat


Build up anticipation

Yes, quickies can be wonderful, but we believe that sensual foreplay is as important (and as sexy) as intercourse. Our selection of pasties, bath sets, lip gloss, ticklers, massage candles and games can make foreplay even more delicious than the act of sex itself! Our selection of foreplay products includes everything you need to set the sexy scene and enhance your intimate experience. These will set the tone and mood in the bedroom, from massage oils and candles to sensual games and teasing accessories. These products will help you and your partner to share, explore each other's desires and build anticipation! Don't rush, enjoy...! Add adventure and excitement to your foreplay, and take your intimacy somewhere beautiful.



Anais LingerieAbbigail | Open Back Panty
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Sale priceR 349 Regular priceR 439
DeiaThe Arouser | Pulsating Stimulator
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Sale priceR 1,455 Regular priceR 2,099

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