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Our Guide to

Blissful Clitoral Stimulation

We're gonna help you find the best clitoral vibrator that suits every stimulation fantasy!

Our Guide to Clitoral Bliss

For many of us women, the clitoris is a our most sensitive erogenous zone and truly is the primary source of exquisite female pleasure. For something that seems so small, the clitoris is very complex, with a vast internal structure that runs deep. Its size and sensitivity may vary between woman, but for all of us ladies, it's the key to pleasure when you do it right! According to research, it is estimated that the clit has over 8000 sensory nerve endings.

Key things to consider

Before you shop

The Duet. The Best Clitoral Stimulator

Shape & Size

Clitoral vibrators have been designed to deliver precise stimulation to the clitoris without any internal stimulation. Our favourite clitoral vibrators have a curved, ergonomic form that fit the female form perfectly. Most clitoral toys are small and discreet.

Do you dream of smooth or textured stimulation? Do you want features like nubs and ridges? They all provide varying degrees of vibrations and pleasure, which, when held against the clitoris, cause intense orgasms.

Fun Factory Layaspot Clitoral Vibrator

Vibration Types

Are you after a simple, straightforward vibrator, or would you rather have a lot of different pulse settings to mix it up? If this is your first toy, a simpler product with fewer settings should suit you just fine.

More experienced toy users may want to opt for something with a bit more va-va-voom. Figuring out what type of sensation you are after and how many vibration options you want, will help you pick the right product for you.

The Niya | Vibrator for Clitoral Stimulation

Battery vs Rechargeable?

Do you want a toy that is battery-operated or can be recharged at any time? The battery-operated toys can also pack a solid punch and are generally cheaper than the premium rechargeable models.

Rechargeable toys can be recharged by plugging the power source into the wall or USB port of your laptop or phone charger. Rechargeable toys generally offer stronger vibration than battery-operated toys.

Choosing the Best Quality Clitoral Vibrators & Stimulators

Quality & Design

The quality of the product is important. For clitoral vibrators, you want to look for something that is 100% body-safe silicone. It's non-absorbent, transmits vibration more effectively, and more hygienic. The price range generally suggests the quality of the toy.

High-end toys manufactured by the likes of Je Joue or Lelo are usually priced a bit higher, due to the quality of the product.

You may not have known

Majority Of The Clitoris Is Internal

While the clitoris is only partially visible to the naked eye, 25% is visible externally, and 75% of the glans reaches inside the female body and continues to the pelvic area. Like buried treasure or a glorious Iceberg. There is nothing wrong with exploring and finding out what you like.

Double The Nerves

The clitoris has an impressive 8,000 nerve endings in its tiny surface area. This is double the amount of nerve endings a male penis has! A male penis has around 4,000 nerve endings - that is including the head and shaft - Sorry Guys!

Yours is Unique

The clitoris can be large, small, more hidden, or less hidden. There are all sorts of shapes and sizes. What one clitoris enjoys, another clitoris may not. Some Clitorises are very sensitive and may require very little stimulation, but there may be a clitoris that needs extra time and a specific orientation or action to get going.

The Clitoris Is Shaped Like A Wishbone

The 75% we just spoke about branches into two “legs”. Picture a wishbone shape that extends from the clitoris head. These “legs” are called Crura and they can extend out 3 inches or 7.62 cm downwards and around the vaginal walls connecting the G-Spot.

It's Purely For Pleasure

The Clitoris has absolutely zero reproductive functions and its sole purpose is to make the female feel good. In fact, it’s such a one-note organ that it should be left alone after an orgasm. Over stimulations may start feeling uncomfortable or, in some cases, become painful. If so, try to focus on the surrounding areas.

Long Distance Lovin'

The distance between the clitoris and the vagina can determine how easy it is to reach orgasm. Out of 30 women, 10 of them may have difficulty reaching climax. Those 10 women tend to have clitorises that are farther from their vaginal opening.

The Clitoris Is Similar To A Penis

All babies have the exact same genital tissue when they are conceived. At 12 weeks, the genitalia begins to differentiate into a penis or labia. The clitoris is the same as a penis, just assembled differently. Like the penis, the clitoris has glans, a foreskin (known as the hood), erectile tissue and a very small shaft. It even swells when aroused.

50 - 75% Of Woman Need Clitoral Stimulation

Most women who have climaxes or orgasms need to have clitoral stimulation to reach. Most women are unable to have orgasms through vaginal intercourse on its own. Experiment with just externally, then just internally and finally dual stimulation.

Find The Perfect Position

Different sex positions have a different effect on your clitoris and how it is stimulated. So, say he is on top, you could ask him to move up so the base of his penis is directly aligned with your clitoris. Then move in a rocking motion while your legs are wrapped tightly around his thighs, creating awesome friction just where you need it.


Clitoral Stimulators

As the saying goes, different strokes for different folks. The same can be said for clitoral stimulation. (Gone are the days of single-speed vibrators that end up numbing your naughty bits!) Now we have toys that simulate oral sex, others that use the power of sound waves, or those that offer an array of vibration speeds and intensities that will send you to the moon and back. Welcome to a world of clitoral pleasure!

Experience Beautiful Clitoral Stimulation with our Top Quality Sex Toys

Air Pulse Technology

These clitoral vibrators use soft pressure waves to suck and blow the clitoris. Designed to fit snugly in place and simulate oral sex, making every experience an intense and precise one that really focuses on your most sensitive sweet spot.

The Lelo Sona Cruise - Clitoral Massager

Sonic Wave

Most clitoris vibrators directly stimulate that sweet spot that delivers those magically pleasurable moments. These Sonic Wave stimulators do that and so much more. With most of the clitoris being an internal structure, the Sonic Waves pulsate into the body, pleasuring not only the head of the clitoris but also the inner body.

Mini Clitoral Vibrators - Perfect for Sex & Travel

Mini Vibrators

Dynamite comes in small packages! Super cute and inconspicuous, these small vibrators are perfect for travelling. Slip it into your handbag for discreet play whenever the urge arises. Not only are these little guys discreet, but they are also fabulous additions to couples' play as well as solo play.

Hand-Held Clitoral Vibrator and Massager

Finger Vibrators

Ergonomically designed to fit seamlessly around or between your fingers. These Finger Vibes allow you to control the vibration, movement and pressure on or around the clitoris. These little beauties are perfect for Solo masturbation or to add that extra sensation during partner play. Bringing back the discovery of touch to the bedroom will enhance all sensations.

Try pairing your clitoral stimulator with another toy. Enjoy the best of both worlds with dual stimulation & intense clitoral pleasure!
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Enhancing + Clitoral

Increase the intensity of your clitoral climax to new heights, with Shunga Secret Garden Orgasm Cream.


Clitoral & Vaginal Stimulation

The type of orgasm experienced

These orgasms are often felt on the surface of the body, like a tingly feeling along your skin and in your brain. Longer-lasting orgasm and more sensitive around the clitoral area afterwards.

These orgasms are deeper in the body and can easily be felt by the person penetrating the vagina because the vaginal walls will pulse. The Orgasm is shorter in length but with greater force. After orgasm, some can keep going and maybe achieve a clitoral orgasm afterwards.

What's the best way to reach orgasm?

Once the clitoris begins to get wet, or after you add lubricant because not all vaginas can get wet on their own, apply faster and harder pressure in a repetitive motion. Either a back and forth, or circular motion. Top off this motion with heavy pressure as the orgasm begins to intensify the feeling. Back down a little when the clitoris is too sensitive.

Aim to use fingers or a G-Spot Vibrator for penetration instead of the penis. Using a small amount of lubrication, Mimic the “come hither” or circular motion, rather than an in-and-out movement. Repeat motions that feel good so that the feelings will build up. There’s a point of pleasure on this wall called the G-spot and when you hit it with regular, strong pressure, it can lead to orgasm. Stimulation of the G-spot is also the way to lead to female ejaculation, as it stimulates the Skene’s glands on either side of the urethra.

What can I use for stimulation?

There is Oral Stimulation but not all women like having someone go down on them, Clitoral Vibrators or Finger Vibes and to top it all off, do not forget the lube.

To Stimulate the G-Spot you can use your fingers, different types of G-Spot Vibrators or Realistic Dildos, especially if you want to reach your A-Spot - up near the cervix.

Enjoy More Clitoral Pleasure

With The Best Lube...

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The Conclusions on

The Perfect Clitoral Stimulator

Everybody experiences different kinds of orgasms. The path to great climax all comes down to experimenting, communication, and trying to give your body what it likes. The only way to know what your body loves, is to explore new sensations and try new things... That's how to do it.

Once you know exactly what you like, you can start going harder and finding your limits. PLAY! Orgasms can be small, and they can happen many times in a row. Keep chasing them and giving them love.

Allow yourself to feel it all, and take time to enjoy the different sensations of the pleasure process. If you're with a partner, then enjoy the connections and share what you're feeling. Most of all, have fun! (Plus, not all sex requires an orgasm, and orgasms don't always mean great sex!)

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Best-Ever Clitoral Companion!

Experience Beautiful Clitoral Stimulation with our Top Quality Sex Toys

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