Payment Options

Payment Options

We've made it as easy-peasy-lemon-squeezey as possible for you to pay for your order.

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) / direct bank deposit
  • Zapper
  • PayFlex
  • Happy Pay
  • SiD - Instant EFT

    For your security, we don't take credit card numbers over the phone or by email. If you pay via credit card, our secure site will take you to our 3rd party payment page for you to enter your card details after selecting the “Place Order” button. 3D secure payment confirmation will also happen here. Upon completion you will be taken to our site, to the Thank You page.

If paying by credit card, Zapper, or PayFlex, there is no need to send us proof of payment - it happens automatically (ah, the wonders of technology).
If you are paying by EFT or direct bank deposit, please email your proof of payment to

Please use your Order number as a reference so we can allocate the payment to the correct order. If there is no reference, it may take longer to allocate the payment, and it can delay the process of your order. If we do not receive your POP (proof of payment), we will wait until your payment reflects in our bank statement (this could take up to 3 days).

It will reflect a payment to a generic "Web-Store" name that is not linked to anything that is sexual or intimate but instead just another online store. When you purchase on our site, it will reflect ML WEBSTORES on your bank statement. How awesomely private is that!?

It's an authentication system that adds an extra layer of protection against fraud. All South African banks use 3D SecureCode to protect their clients, which is great for us but not so good for credit card fraudsters.

To activate your card for online shopping, contact your Bank to activate your Credit Card with 3D SecureCode. You can usually do this on your online banking system. You will need your cellphone handy as your Bank will contact you via SMS with your SecureCode.

We outsource delivery to third party couriers, and they cannot accept payment. All orders need to be paid for before they are dispatched, so Cash On Delivery is not possible. 

Fear not: our website is encrypted (that's why you see a lock icon in the URL bar) to keep your information secure. For credit card payments, we use a highly reputable payment system, approved by South African banks. We will report all fraudulent activity to the necessary officials.

Payment with Payflex


Are you wanting a particular toy but cannot afford the full amount right now? With PayFlex you can buy now, pay later in 4 interest-free instalments.

Every purchase you make with PayFlex is interest free. With Payflex it is possible to get it now and pay later! Pay your scheduled payments on time and you'll pay the original price the item was advertised on our site. There is only one time you would pay more than the intended price...if you miss a scheduled payment. PayFlex will charge a default fee to cover the cost and a further default fee for every week the instalment is outstanding for a maximum of three (3) charges. So to avoid the drama rama, we encourage you to make sure you have funds available in your account for the scheduled instalments. PayFlex will email you in advance every time as a reminder.

Get it now, but spread your purchase across 4 instalments equal fortnightly payments. Checkout with PayFlex and pay only 25% of the purchase price today. Your goodies will be shipped immediately. and you pay the rest over 6-weeks at no additional cost.

We’re sure you want the short answer – With ease! When you’ve found the item(s) you can’t live without, click “add to cart” and head to the payment page (it’s the one that usually comes up after you add your info) and select Payflex as your payment method.

If you’re a Payflex first-timer, we’ll need to do a painless assessment. All Payflex will need are a few personal deets like your name, email address and ID number and their super-quick, awesome software will assess your application. PayFlex system works in real time, so if everything checks out, you’ll be good to shop in less than a minute. You’ll have to agree on the instalment schedule and pay your first instalment. Then it’s business as usual, with Matilda's preparing your goods to be sent off.

  • What cards does Payflex Accept - You can use any Visa or Master Card (Debit, Credit or Cheque) to make a PayFlex payment. Just make sure which ever card you select has funds available for the agreed scheduled instalments.
  • Is Payflex safe? - 100% Safe! PayFlex is an established payments company, and part of the $1bn Zip Co group that is listen in Australia. All payments are processed through state-of-the-art PCI compliant payment systems that ensure the security of your payments.
  • Is there a spending limit? - Your spending limit depends on a few things, mainly PayFlex looks at your payment behaviour. If they see you keep a good repayment history, then they are happy to increase your spending limit. Basically, never miss a repayment.
  • When will my payment be due? - Your first payment of 25% will be paid upfront and your goods will be delivered as if you have paid the full amount. How awesome!?After that the next three (3) payments of 25% each will be paid automatically every two (2) weeks for six (6) weeks. If you'd like to pay earlier, you can log into your PayFlex Account and make your payment manually. Heads up! Payment will need to be done before midnight on the day it is due or you'll incur that no so fun default fee of R75 (incl.VAT).
  • The default fees - Ah those dreaded default fees, which you’ll never have to pay by the way, if you make all your PayFlex scheduled payments on time. If, however you don’t, PayFlex won’t be super mad at you, but they will still have to add a default fee of R75.00 (incl. VAT) to your account to cover our costs. A further R75.00 (incl. VAT) will be charged for every week that the payment remains unpaid. PayFlex default fees are capped at a total of R225.00 (incl. VAT) but they really encourage you to get your payments up-to-date before you get to this point, because at this stage your details may be passed onto a credit bureau (which could negatively impact your credit score) and a we can’t promise that they won’t be super mad at you…

Payment with Zapper


So you have been shopping on our website and found all the fun things. It's time to pay - How do you do that with Zapper? Simple. Zapper has enabled you to make faster, easier, and safer payments. With a quick scan from your Smartphone, you can pay for your favourite toys from Matilda's.

Once you click checkout on the website, fill in your delivery info and continue to the payment page. Select the Zapper option on the payment page and click complete order.

Quickly grab your smartphone and open the Zapper App. When you are ready to pay, tap the "Scan" button on your smartphone.

If you do not have Zapper on your phone, you can download the app from any APP Store.

You've selected Zapper to pay. You have opened your Zapper App on your Smartphone. You have tapped the 'Scan' button, and you find a scan box on your screen. What's Next?

Where Do I Find The QR Code?

The QR code will pop up on your laptop screen. Simply aim your camera, so the QR Code displays on your Smartphone screen, and it will automatically scan the QR Code for you. Shazaam! You are one step closer to paying with Zapper.

Your total bill amount will appears at the top of the screen.

All you have to do is tap 'Pay.' You will see the screen say "please wait while we process your payment..." this can take several seconds to process. When all is in order, a confirmation screen will pop up saying done. Yay! You will also get a confirmation email from Zapper confirming your payment as well.

  • Is there a fee to use Zapper? - There are no fees involved in using the Zapper app. However, your bank transaction fees still apply.
  • My payment keeps declining, why? - Payments can be declined from a number of reasons. Here are a few:
  • Is your card activated of e-commerce transaction? If not, you may need to activate it by speaking to your bank or logging into your online banking and activating it that way.
  • Does the card holder name have a Hyphen? I know it may sound odd to ask, but it's the small things that can cause a transaction to fail. A quick fix is to remove the Hyphen from the cardholder name and re-register the card.
  • Has your card Expired? Yip, we have all done it. Forget to check the card expiry date. If it has and you have another card, you can register that card and try payment again!
  • Are there funds on the card? Well, only you will be able to answer that question.

Payment with Happy Pay


Happy Pay offers shoppers the ability to split their payments equally over two paycheques, interest-free & with zero deposits required.

Every purchase you make with Happy Pay is interest free. With Happy Pay it is possible to Shop now and pay later! Pay your scheduled payments on time and you'll pay the original price of the item. There is only one time you would pay more than the intended price...if you miss a scheduled payment. You will be notified as soon as a payment fails and after 24 hours you will be charged a late fee. You'll receive a notification via call, email, SMS, or WhatsApp, along with a link to settle the payment yourself before proceeding to the next steps. To give you a fair chance, the failed payment will attempt again in 7 days. If, unfortunately, the payment fails again, we'll repeat the process up to 3 times, ensuring we support you in fulfilling your payment obligations.

Pick an item at your favourite merchant and choose Happy Pay at checkout. If you already have a Happy Pay account, payment will only take two clicks; if not, you’ll need to do a quick sign-up. We don’t charge a deposit. Your first instalment (50% of total amount) is due on your first payday following your purchase, and the remaining 50% is due on your subsequent payday post-purchase.

Signing up for Happy Pay is a breeze! To get started, all you need is a bank account and your basic details. Happy pay has made the process as simple as can be, so you can start enjoying the benefits of the BNPL platform in no time. Say goodbye to lengthy forms and hello to a hassle-free sign-up experience with Happy Pay!

  • Is Happy Pay safe? - Of course! They would never put you at risk! Their website is SSL secure, and all your data is safe. A compliant South African-based payment gateway handles all payments. Happy pay will deal with your information per their privacy policy.
  • Is there a spending limit? - Happy pay wants you to get the things you want but not at the expense of your credit record or financial health! A few factors determine your spending limit. Essentially, it comes down to your payment behaviour and financial health. With time, good payment behaviour on the Happy Pay platform equals higher spending limits for you. If you have our their back, they’ve got yours!
  • How many orders can you have at the same time? - Upon sign-up, you’ll be able to make one transaction. Over time, as your relationship with Happy Pay blossoms, you’ll be able to run as many transactions as your available spend allows. i.e. multiple purchases.
  • Can i update my Payment Details? - You can update your payment details in two different ways: During a Purchase: Choose from your saved cards or add a new card during checkout. On your Dashboard: Click on "Bank Cards" on the sidebar menu to access your saved cards. Click on "Add bank card" and enter the necessary card details. Once you have added the new card, set it as the default card for payment.
  • What are the T's & C's - You can read through the full Terms & Conditions here today

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