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Buying anal toys can be an intimidating experience! There are so many products on the market – how do you possibly begin to choose the best anal toy for you? Once you’ve read this guide, you’ll feel more knowledgeable about the types of anal sex toys available, so you can make an informed decision about what will suit your needs the best.

Never in recent history has butt play been talked about so transparently. Exploring with a new anal toy is a lot of fun, but the most essential part of making the experience pleasurable is education. Education empowers you to experience new and exciting things while also allowing you to know exactly what to expect, which is a big determining factor in how much fun you will be able to have.

Here at Matilda's, we like to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about pleasuring your bum, so we've put this list together to walk you through different types of booty toys, butt-plugs and everything you need to know about choosing the right anal toy for you or your partner.

For Fullness

What Are They?

Butt plugs are designed to be inserted into the bum for sexual pleasure. They are in some ways similar to dildos. However, the designs of butt plugs is different from that of dildos: plugs are shorter and have a flanged end to keep the plug in place. Basically, a plug has been designed to stay in for the duration of use, whereas a dildo is used to simulate intercourse (the in and out motion).

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Fun Factory Bootie Fem | Anal Plug

Should I Give It A Go?

Definitely! Here's why: The anus has a high concentration of nerve endings, so even shallow insertions feel delicious. Inserting an anal plug during sex feels great for a woman! Plugs provide an incredible feeling of fullness and make orgasms more intense.

A female wearing a plug is also pleasurable for a male partner during intercourse, as it creates a subtle pressure on his shaft. Plugs can arouse the prostate too (located up the front wall of the anus), which produces orgasms more intense than those from penile stimulation alone.

Is It Safe To Use?

Absolutely. The flanged end ensures that the plug will stay firmly in place. Some people even walk around wearing a butt plug when they're out and about – to make trips to the supermarket more pleasurable and playful, one would assume! So yes, they are entirely safe to use.

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The perfect size Anni Round | Anal Plug

Recommended Anal Plugs

Here are our favourites for beginners, based on size and quality:

Anni Round Jewel Butt Plug
Bootie Fem Anal Plug
B-Vibe Snug Plug
Malesation Silicone Butt Plug

For Those Good Vibrations

What Are Anal Vibrators?

Unlike plugs and probes, anal vibrators  are designed to produce a variety of sensations, with a range of movements. They rotate, vibrate, and pulse – all at different speeds. Anal vibes have very powerful motors to ensure that vibrations are able to travel through the strong muscles of the rectum and sphincter. Although good for men and women, men find them particularly pleasing since they deliver great sensations straight to the prostate (the male G-spot). 

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The Petite Sensations Vibrating Anal Plug

What Different Types Are Available?

You can choose from vibrating prostate massagers, anal beads, probes, and even vibrating butt plugs. What you choose will be determined by what you like. Men might prefer vibrating prostate massagers, while vibrating anal probes are often small and slim enough for both experienced users and novices.

How Are They Different To Normal Vibrators?

These toys have been designed specifically for anal stimulation. They are generally smaller and slimmer than vaginal vibrators, which means they can be used in the bum safely. Anal vibrators also have a flanged base, which eliminates the potential for the toy to disappear in the body.

Recommended Anal Vibrators

Here are the vibes we can suggest based on customer feedback:

Petite Sensations Plug
Ditto Vibrating Anal Plug
Vibrating Snug Plug

For Stronger Orgasms

What Are They?

Anal beads are a set of beads or balls, attached by a flexible material, and usually in a series from small to large, making them easier to insert. Anal beads are worn during playtime or lovemaking and then pulled out at various speeds depending on what sort of effect you are looking to achieve. Usually, this is done just at the point of climax to intensify orgasm.

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The BallChain medium-sized Anal Beads

Who Can Use Anal Beads?

Everyone! Anal beads can be used solo or with a partner, by a man or a woman (although it may be more intense for a man because of their prostate). Beads are a great introduction to anal sex for beginners, as they can show you how pleasurable anal play can be. Anal beads also come in various sizes, perfect for beginners or the more experienced.

Why Should I Try Anal Beads?

The anus has many nerve endings and the sensations caused by anal beads being pulled out, one by one, can maximise arousal. Put simply: anal beads will make you feel really good, and they can help you orgasm faster and harder. Anal beads are particularly recommended for beginners because you can insert as many beads as you feel comfortable with, giving your body time to adjust to the sensations.

Recommended Anal Beads

These are our favourite beginner anal beads based on quality and customer feedback.

BallChain Anal Beads
Malesation Anal Beads 3
Silicone Anal Beads
Cinco XL Vibrating Anal Beads

Anal sex feels more intense to me and just activates all my pleasure inducing nerve endings. I feel so much closer to my partner

For Incredible Male Orgasms

What's The Big Deal About The Prostate?

Ah, great question! Prostate orgasms are a lot more intense than the orgasms you experience from just penile stimulation, so it's worth knowing where and what this little love button is! Prostate Massagers are very popular sex toys for men, offering deep, intense pleasure.

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Lelo Loki Wave | Vibrating Prostate Massager

Where Can I Find My P-Spot?

The prostate is a male gland that is roughly the size and shape of a walnut. Located in just beneath the bladder and in the front of the rectum, the prostate can be stroked and massaged during sex, which will give the man super intense and powerful orgasms. So powerful, in fact, that it is even known as the male G-spot!

What Is A Prostate Massager?

A prostate massager is designed to slip up the rectum and massage this very spot. The toys' shape is similar to a finger and has a slightly curved head to reach the gland. Some prostate massages vibrate for extra sensations.

G-spot to Prostate happiness

Unique Anal Toys

Anal Probes

What Is An Anal Probe?

A probe is like a small, slender vibrator or dildo, with a tapered tip and smooth body. Some vibrate, others do not. They can be used for men or women, making them versatile anal toys. They are usually longer than regular vibrators, allowing for deeper penetration, which allows for prostate and G-spot stimulation. Anal Probes are loved for their versatility: They can be used for anal play, and deep vaginal stimulation. Basically, they're great fun to use, regardless of what you're in the mood for!

Anal Probes

They are great for men during prostate stimulation or for women allowing G-spot stimulation. Anal probes can be used for all your intimate adventures. Their sleekness is perfect for replicating the movement of intercourse.

What Would I Use It For?

They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials based on your needs. It’s the ideal toy for precision stimulation of the pleasure zones for either men or women.

Stainless Steel probes are a wonderful choice for sensory play: Warm these probes with warm water or make the steel cold in ice-cold water, for some refreshing new sensations...

Prostate Massager

With a Cock Ring

Some cock rings have a prostate massager attached, giving you double the pleasure in one fantastic session. These unique cock rings with added anal plugs can be worn during sex with your partner or solo play for a mind-blowing orgasm.

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Fun Factory Bootie

Anal Plug Prostate Stimulation

we're being a bit anal, but

Talking about Cock Rings...

While we're talking about Cock rings: are a fantastic creation. They are worn around the base of the penis to restrict blood flow away from your erection, resulting in a more firm, more prolonged erection and even increased stamina.

We’ve created a list of Our Favourite Cock Rings to help you choose, if you're interested.

The All Essentials

Why An Anal Kits?

Anal play can be a little intimidating if you have never tried it. But if you are considering giving it a whirl, Anal Training Kits are the perfect place to start.

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B-Vibe Anal Training Kit

What Is In An Anal Kit?

There are many types of kits out there, but most kits come with three different-sized butt plugs starting from a small slim butt plug to a more fulfilling, heavier butt plug. In no time, you will work your way up to some more exciting toys. Some come with a sample water-based anal lube and an anal douche cleaner, ensuring your experience is comfortable and hygienic.
Never rush anal play. Feel relaxed, and set the mood. Slow and steady! Soon you will be well on your way to more advanced anal toys.

Recommended Anal Training Kits

B-Vibes Anal Training Kit
Beginners Anal Set | Malesation
Premium Anal Set | Malesation
3pc Silicone Plug Set

For Hygiene

What Is Anal Douching?

The term ‘douche’ derives from a Latin word meaning ‘pour by drops’. This is an appropriate word, since douching is the act of sending a pressurised jet of water into either the vagina or bum for the purpose of cleansing. While douching was once primarily promoted for vaginal hygiene, it is now popular for cleansing the anus before engaging in backdoor pleasuring.

Anal Douche | Bathmate Rocket

Rocket Anal Douche by Bathmate

Should I Douche And How Often?

Anal douche is a matter of personal preference. Some couples might prefer a planned, prepped, and more tidy exchange, while others thrive on the raunch of a spontaneous experience. Then there are some who find the prep as stimulating as the sharing itself!

Anal Stimulation

Regardless, it is important not to over do it when it comes to anal douching. Limit your rectal rinsing to a maximum of 2-3 times per week, and make sure you’re not being too aggressive. The anus consists of beneficial bacteria along with very sensitive tissue that you want to keep healthy and happy for future adventuring!

Recommended Douches & Hygiene Kits

These are our favourite anal douche and hygiene products, based on their quality and customer feedback.

Hydro Rocket Anal Douche | Bathmate
Accordion Anal Douche
Intimate Douche Kit

For Comfort & Pleasure

The anus doesn’t produce natural lubrication as a vagina does. So plenty of lube is always essential when playing in this region – so why not use a long-lasting anal lube? You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much more comfortable and sexier backdoor sensations can feel with anal-specific lubricants.

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Pjur Anal Lubricants. Available in Water-based and Silicone-based.

Anal Lube Vs Water-Based Lube?

Anal lubricants are thicker than water-based lubricants, more slippery, and last a lot longer, taking anal play to a whole new level, as they keep slick the entire time. The viscosity of the anal lube also helps to protect delicate tissue in and around your anus. Anal lube works well with steel or glass toys – however, you MUST switch to water-based when using any silicone toys.

Recommended Anal Lubricants

Our favourite beginner anal lubes are based on quality and customer feedback.

Pjur Analyse Me | Comfort Water Anal Glide
Pjur Analyse Me | Silicone Anal Glide
Pjur Back Door | Comfort Water Anal Lube

The Bottom Line

Lube is fantastic, and if you haven’t yet stocked up on a few bottle for next-level pleasure, we recommend choosing a quality lubricant for anal play.

Check out our handy Lube Beginners Guide for some good Lube 101!

Add more sensation with a Vibrator

Add Sensation

Adding your favourite clitoral vibrator to your anal play can provide the perfect dual stimulation for an intensely satisfying orgasm.

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Enjoy Intense Pleasure
and Incredible Orgasms!

Anal Toys popular for a reason, and they all have different benefits and personalities! We hope you find the perfect toy that fulfil your needs!