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How to use a Vibrator - Sex Toy 101
Beginner Guides

How to Use a Vibrator - Sex Toys 101

It seems like it would be obvious, right? Feels silly to ask the girls over lunch what a lady is actually supposed to do with her battery-powered pal. And yet, it’s not always that obvious.
A New Range of Designer Vibrators
Clitoral Stimulation

A New Wave of Vibrators

Vibrators are evolving at a rapid rate, no longer is it just about vibration, manufacturers are now using sound & air waves to stimulate more of the clitoris. The results are clitorally explosive!
Sex Toys for Anal Beginners - Tips & Toys
Anal Lubricants

Trying out Anal? These are the top toys for beginners!

Maybe you’ve already tried a little probing with a finger, and you know there are some delicious feelings but you’re still not sure.
Foreplay: It Takes Two!
Date Night

Foreplay: It Takes Two!

Foreplay is an integral part of any sexual union. It is a means of increasing intimacy between partners and it heightens sexual satisfaction in both men and women.
Friskier Foreplay with Erotic Games
Beginner Guides

Erotic Games for Friskier Foreplay

You might have heard that old saying ‘the couple that plays (erotic games) together, stays together’. We’re firm believers that adding a little play improves everyone’s lives.
How using sex toys can help Erectile Dysfunction
Cock Rings & Sleeves

How Sex Toys Can Help With Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one of the hardest conditions in the world to live with. But it’s important to know that there ARE ways to treat the condition and enjoy a healthy and happy sex life. Penis ...
Men – This is how to make your partner orgasm
Foreplay & Seduction

Men – This is how to make your partner orgasm

The female orgasm is a more complex beast: each woman needs unique stimulation, a combination of different stimulations and (again, generally speaking), the correct mental and emotional state of mind.
7 Reasons Sex Hurts
Love & Sex

7 Reasons Sex Hurts

Sex is one of the more FUN parts of life. But what happens when sex is more pain and stress than it is satisfaction and joy? One of our favourite pelvic physios, Lulu Becker, talks about the variou...
May is International Masturbation Month
Male Masturbation

May is International Masturbation Month

Along with the health improvements, masturbation can ramp up your sex life. With regular masturbation, you learn how you like to be touched, where you like to be touched and for how long. We celebr...