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How To Choose the Right Lubricant for You
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Choosing The Perfect Personal Lubricant

Choosing the right lube depends on why you want it. Lubricant companies offer a range of types—thin, thick, flavoured, silicone-based, water-based, warming, and cooling—a medley of silky, wet fun!
How to use a Vibrator - Sex Toy 101
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How to Use a Vibrator - Sex Toys 101

It would seem a given that every woman knows how to work her vibrator. This is not always the case. For obvious reasons, a lady hesitates to ask her friends what she is supposed to do with her newl...
A New Range of Designer Vibrators
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A New Wave of Vibrators

Women's vibrators are evolving at a rapid rate. No longer is it only about tactile vibrators; manufacturers are now using sound- & airwaves to stimulate more of the clitoris than ever before. T...
Sex Toys for Anal Beginners - Tips & Toys
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Explore Your Backdoor with these Beginner-Friendly Anal Toys

Perhaps you have already delved into the back door, perhaps not, but let us offer some anal facts and products you might like to probe into.
Foreplay: It Takes Two!
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Essential Foreplay Tips for Great Sex

In sexual intimacy, foreplay is the gateway to outstanding orgasms. It is the art of igniting desire, building anticipation, and exploding into experiences that transcend all limiting physical boun...
Friskier Foreplay with Erotic Games
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Erotic Games for Friskier Foreplay

You may have heard the old saying, "The couple that plays together stays together." We at Matilda's are committed to adding a little sauce to your lives, so if you're frisky already, dare to be fri...
How Using Sex Toys can Help ED | Matilda's Lifestyle
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How Sex Toys Can Help With Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one of the hardest conditions in the world to live with. But it’s important to know that there ARE ways to treat the condition and enjoy a healthy and happy sex life. Penis ...
Men – This is how to make your partner orgasm
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Men – This is how to make your partner orgasm

The female orgasm is a more complex beast: each woman needs unique stimulation, a combination of different stimulations and (again, generally speaking), the correct mental and emotional state of mind.
7 Reasons Sex Hurts

7 Reasons Sex Hurts

Sex is one of the more enjoyable parts of life. But what happens when it is more pain and stress than pleasure? One of our favourite pelvic physios, Lulu Becker in Durban, talks about the common re...