Foreplay: It Takes Two!

Essential Foreplay Tips for great sex

In the realm of passionate intimacy, foreplay stands as the gateway to euphoric connection. It is the art of building anticipation, igniting desire, and creating immersive experiences that transcend all limiting physical boundaries. To enable you to embark on this stimulating journey, let us delve into some infallible foreplay tips to pave the way to unforgettable ecstasy.

Foreplay: Feels Great and Works Even Better

An Integral Part of Sex

Foreplay was once regarded as nothing more than a few extraneous steps that were merely a means to an end - the end being the act of intercourse. Nothing could be further from the truth. Foreplay is an integral part of any sexual union. It is a means of increasing intimacy between partners and intensifies arousal and satisfaction in both men and women.

Foreplay + Seduction

Foreplay is essential for preparing the body for sex. 

For women, a scientific process occurs during foreplay, where the uterus actually contracts to make for a more fitting penetration. This is known as vaginal tenting, and without it, sex can sometimes be uncomfortable.

Foreplay allows the female body sufficient time to become stimulated and well-lubricated ‚Äď the first external sign that a female is ready for comfortable penetration.

For men, it is assumed that foreplay is unnecessary and that they are ready to roll from the first hint of sexual interaction. While this may be true in some cases, men's emotions are often more delicate than assumed...many crave the same confidence that being wanted and desired prompts as women do.

Establishing intimacy and trust via foreplay lessens performance pressure for a man and hence alleviates any stage fright or feelings of inadequacy during sex. Plus, the anticipation will make him harder and his emotions more deeply involved in lovemaking, leading to heightened satisfaction for both parties.


Foreplay Tips + Tricks

Tip 1 | Use Lubes

Lubricants are a foolproof way of prepping your body for penetration. There are many top-quality sex lubes on the market that do an excellent job and are completely body-safe. They are also available in a variety of delicious flavours and sensations.

This is great for women who may not be overly into oral sex - a little chocolate-flavoured treat can work wonders in that field. Even if lubes are not necessary, they are a fun way to experience new intimate sensations. For a novel variation, try the warming or tingling lubricants designed to pique curiosity and rekindle intimacy.

Tip 2 | Engage in Mutual Masturbation

Let him watch as you touch and explore your own body. This is a surefire way to teach your partner how you really like to be pleasured. In addition, you can Introduce some sex toys into the mix, like stimulating his erogenous zones with a vibrator. These quirky tools are surprisingly versatile and often used for external arousal alongside internal stimulation (hint: tickle his testicles with the tip of a vibe for a new sensation).

Tip 3 | Oral Sex

Foreplay needn't be hard work, and it can spawn plenty of fun in the bedroom. Let your partner stimulate your penis to enhance and maintain your erection. Tease and titillate, and you will reap the benefits too.

Tip 4 | The Mind Play

Foreplay doesn't always need to begin physically. The brain is one of the largest sex organs in the body...arouse your lover with a trail of secret notes, text a tempting offer or email an erotic photo of a new position. By the time you reach each other, both your minds will be so lubed with anticipation that actual physical foreplay is a breeze. Perhaps also try some adult games to get in the mood. 

Tip 5 | Titillating Tantra

Take it super slowly to really get you both worked up. Tantric sex involves spending hours, sometimes days, just looking at, touching and stroking each other before moving forward. Simply taking an extra ten minutes to caress and tease your partner before the act can really steam up your lovemaking sessions.