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Are you searching for a way to spice up your sex life? Tired of the same old routine? Ready to explore all of your pleasure fantasies?

We've got just what you need. Our A-Z sex toy guide features some of our favourite products including: dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, cock rings and more! Each type of sex toy on our list has a brief description to introduce you to the wonderful world of adult toys.


Anal beads are a set of silicone beads or balls attached by flexible body-safe silicone, usually in a series from small to large. Their design makes them easier to insert. The anus has many nerve endings and the sensations caused by anal beads being pulled out, one by one, can maximise arousal.

Njoy Wand | Luxury Stainless Steel Dildo


Anal dildos are used to stimulate the wearer during sex or masturbation. These dildos are often smaller than regular dildos intended for vaginal use. These anal dildos are designed for both men and women. The dildos can be turned, pulled, or pushed to enhance sex/masturbation.

Accordion Anal Douche


An Anal Douche is a necessity when it comes to hygienic anal play. The douche is made up of a bulb that is filled with water, and a nozzle, which is inserted. Easy & fuss-free. A gentle squeeze of the bulb cleans you up perfectly, in preparation for anal sex or for your favourite anal sex toy.

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An anal plug is used in much the same way as an anal dildo, but has a flared base as a safety benefit. This means that the plug can be worn safely, and will not slip in or out. These are great toys for beginners and can be worn by men or women during masturbation or sex.

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Anal Vibrators are specifically shaped and designed for easy insertion. The vibrations of these sex toys are a lot stronger to ensure they provide sufficient stimulation to the stronger anal muscles. Anal vibrators have a flared base to make play time as safe as possible.

Anal sex feels more intense to me and just activates all my pleasure inducing nerve endings. I feel so much closer to my partner!
Ball Stretcher


A Ball Stretcher are essentially cock rings but for the scrotum. They are placed around the scrotum above the testicles, pulling them down and away from the body. This 'tugging' sensation of the testicles not only feels amazing but improves stamina and delays orgasm in men. These are usually made from silicone or stainless steel.


A Blindfold is worn over the eyes and prevents the wearer from seeing. Sensory deprivation is the name of the game when it comes to Blindfolds. These can come in the form of a scarf, a conventional sleep mask, or a full hood. By limiting the wearer's sight, their other senses are heightened and sensations become more intense.

Shunga Bondage Candle


Bondage Candles or Massage Candles are specially designed to have a lower melting point than a regular candle. Making these candles a safe way to experiment with wax play or temperature play. This is all about the "pleasure and pain' combo. The wax then doubles as a massage oil for a sensual massage.

Bondage Rope


Bondage Rope is used for tying up a person, restraining them and restricting their movement so you have full control. The rope is soft and smooth which helps prevent skin irritations or rope burns from movement. Bondage Ropes have very little stretch so as not to tighten accidentally. It is also slightly thicker to ensure that knots don't slip.

Bondage Tape


Bondage Tape is a rubber tape that is more comfortable than regular tape. It's not sticky on skin, making it fun and allows you to be creative. These are a favourite during bondage and BDSM play. Used to bind ankles and wrists, even as a gag, or blindfold the eyes. Bondage Tape sticks to itself.
It's also reusable!

Wink+ Clitoral Vibrator


Bullet Vibrators are discreet and travel-friendly, making them very popular. Their size means they are a great choice as a beginner's sex toy or for couples introducing sex toys into the bedroom. Bullet Vibrators are also very quiet – perfect for someone seeking secretive but powerful spontaneous pleasure!

Malesation Silicone Butt Plug


Butt Plugs are the same as anal plugs. Plugs have a flared base for safe and secure play. Butt Plugs are great for beginners to Anal play as they are available in various sizes, so the plugs can be slowly introduced into your sexual experience. Play solo or with your partner and enjoy new sensations.

Chastity Belt


Another aspect of bondage and BDSM is chastity play. Chastity devices, like chastity belts and cock cages, are designed to stop the wearer from sexual contact with themselves or with others, the key to the device usually being given to someone else. These are used to build up sexual tension and to enhance the feeling of sexual release.


A restraint worn around the neck, a Collar is used to give the wearer a submissive appearance. Quite common in bondage and BDSM, Collars often come with an O-Ring or a D-Ring, allowing for a lead to be attached. Other kinky attire such as harnesses and cuffs can also be linked to the collar for an enhanced bondage experience.


Crops are sex toys used during BDSM play. These can be used for light to not-so-light spanking, inflicting a sharp yet satisfying sting, and getting the endorphins going. These can also be used to tease your partner's erogenous areas. 
Remember to take it slow, warm up to the spank levels, and check in with your partner regularly.

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Dildos are designed to mimic a penis. Their long firm yet flexible shaft are great for those who enjoy the feeling of fullness from penetration, whether it be vaginal or anal. These toys come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, and are made from body-safe materials. They are super easy to clean, ready for the next intense session.


A Dildo Harness or Strap On Harness is an adjustable harness that can be worn by a woman (or man), allowing them to attach a dildo and penetrate their partner. These harnesses usually have interchangeable O-Rings that cater for most dildo sizes, meaning that you can switch between different dildos whenever you want!

Double-Dildo | Stimulation for both partners


Double Ended Dildos are usually longer than your average dildo and have two insertable ends. They are fabulous for couples who want to be penetrated at the same time or for those who are keen to try out double penetration. Most of these are made from flexible silicone, allowing for the perfect position to be achieved.


Feather Ticklers are designed to tease. Often mounted on a stick, a Feather Tickler can be run across the skin to excite and arouse your partner.
These are fantastic for foreplay as they gently stimulate the nerve endings, enhancing erotic sensation and building anticipation for what is soon to come.


Designed for discretion and ease-of-use, a Finger Vibrator is a small clitoral vibrator that fits onto the end of your finger. This frees up the wearer's hands to explore, while adding a buzz to your play. Bring back the basics and the sensual connection of touch. These are amazing for solo play and a super toy for those new to sex toys.


Fleshlight is the world's most popular male masturbators. These discreet sex toys for men take solo play to a new level. Made from a super soft, realistic material, and features different textures on the inside of the sleeve. The Fleshlights are designed to look as realistic as possible and mimic the appearence of vagina or anal.


A Flogger is usually made up of many flat tails of leather or suede attached to a handle. Being part of the bondage and BDSM family, the Flogger is used for spanking your partner, with each tassle providing a little sting to the area it comes into contact with. It can be used all over the body to increase sensitivity and heighten the senses.

Ball Gag


A Gag is a classic accessory when dabbling in Bondage and BDSM. Gags are inserted into the mouth and fastened behind the head with a strap and buckle. This prevents the wearer from being able to talk and instills a sense of submission. Be more creative with how you communicate with your partner during play. The most popular gags are the Ball Gag and the Bit Gag.

Mona 2 | Lelo Vibrator


A woman's G-spot is a magical cluster of nerves found just a few inches inside the vagina, located on the front of the vaginal wall behind the pubic bone. G-spot Vibrators are sex toys that are specially designed to send vibrations directly to this orgasmic sweet spot. They usually feature an angled tip that allows for pressure to be applied exactly where it is needed.

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Glass Dildos are made from toughened glass that won't break at inopportune moments.
These are fabulous toys to use when experimenting with temperature play as they can be warmed up and cooled down. The smooth surface makes for easy and comfortable vaginal or anal insertion. They are very hygienic and a breeze to clean.


Keen for some kinky fun?
Handcuffs are a sexy addition to your bondage kit whether you are experienced or just starting out. Handcuffs are used to fasten the wrists together, traditionally behind the wearers back, but also to other objects to prevent the wearer from moving while they are being teased and pleasured.

Mono Density Dildo Light Pink


Harness Dildos are very similar to standard dildos. The only difference is that they usually feature a wider, flared base. This base allows the dildo to stay in place during play time in your favourite harness without falling out. Harness Dildos or Strap-on Dildos come in all shapes, sizes and designs. Great for role play, turn up the adventure.


A bondage restraint technique that is commonly used is a Hog Tie. This is where the ankles and wrists are bound together, restricting the wearers movement and keeping them in a position. A Hog Tie is made up of 4 individual cuffs, 2 wrist cuffs, and 2 ankle cuffs, that are all clipped together. The cuffs are usually velcro, making it easy to put on and off.


Inflatable Dildos are a great choice for those who enjoy the feeling of being full. The dildo is inserted and then pumped using the attached pump bulb to the desired size. These are ideal for both vaginal and anal play, starting off at an average size and increasing in length and girth.


Kegel Balls, also known as Ben Wa Balls are weighted balls that are inserted into the vagina to aid in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Don't be fooled though, this is an exercise you'll want to try. Not only does it help strengthen your PC muscles, but it can be super pleasurable at the same time.


Originally known as the Hitachi Magic Wand, Magic Wand Vibrators or Massage Wands are made up of a large head, flexible neck, and a sturdy body. Their deep, rumbly vibrations are more powerful than regular vibrators and are ideal for those who need a little more power from their toy. Use a Magic Wand for solo play, or to set the mood by giving your partner a sensual full-body massage.

Tenga Flip Orb | Male Masturbator


Male Masturbators are sex toys for male solo play. These masturbators are designed to mimic vaginal, oral, or anal sex. They are also known as strokers and are super easy to use. The man inserts his penis into the soft and (usually) textured silicone sleeve, moving it up and down his shaft. Not only are Male Masturbators great for solo play, but they can also be included in couples play for added sensation.


Masks are often worn with the purpose of hiding the wearers' identity. There is just something about being someone else in the fantsy that adds to the thrill. These can be in a form of a full hood that cover the entire head or even beautifully decorated eye masks.
They are very popular in role play between partners, in order to create the image of a new and mysterious seducer.


Medical Fetish describes a sexual persuasion toward medical scenes, instruments, costumes and role play. Sex toys that fall into this category are Penis Plugs or Urethral Sounds.
These are popular to heighten sexual pleasure and arousal. The plug or sound is entered through the urethra. In doing this, it places pressure on the sensitive nerve endings inside the penis, aiding in a stronger climax.


Nipple Clamps are a set of clips that 'pinch' the nipples in various ways. Some have dials to increase or decrease the intensity of the pressure on the nipples. Depending on your tolerance, you can go from a mild pinch to a firm squeeze. Some clamps are linked by a chain, making it enjoyable when tugged slightly. When removing the Nipple Clamps, the nipples will be more sensitive to touch.


Nipple Suckers are used to stimulate the nipples into becoming erect and more sensitive to touch. When a Nipple Sucker is attached to a nipple, a vacuum is created, which draws blood into the nipple, making them swell. Both men and women are more sensitive in these areas when aroused. Regular use of Nipple Suckers can lead to a permanent increase in the size of the nipple, as well as greater sensitivity.

Daddy | Penis Sheath


If you are looking for a quick and easy way to add some extra length and girth, Penis Extension or Penis Extenders are the best choice. Like a bigger, thicker condom, these sleeves are usually made of a high quality silicone and fit snuggly over the penis, increasing his size. These can be textured on the outside and the inside, adding sensation for the wearer and for their partner.

Bathmate Penis Pump


If you are looking for a firmer, larger erection, then a Penis Pump is the way to go. A Penis Pump is a long tube that is connected to a pump. The penis is inserted into the cylinder and with a few squeezes of the pump, it creates a airtight vacuum. A firm suction is created that draws blood into the penis, making it harder, larger, and more sensitive. With regular use, these results can be a lot more long lasting.

Adrenaline Spikes Metal Pinwheel


A Pinwheel, also known as a Wartenberg Wheel, is a device made up of small, metal spikes that rotate when pushed across the skin. Pinwheels were initially designed to test nerve response in the medical field. Now these stainless steel spikes are used to stimulate and tease the nerves that it comes into contact with, giving a sense of pleasurable pain and thrill against the skin.

Aneros Helix Syn Trident Prostate Massager


Prostate Massagers are toys designed to stimulate the prostate gland, also known as the p-spot. Stimulating the p-spot can lead to a stronger, more intense orgasms for men. With practice, hands-free orgasms are possible with the use of a Prostate Massager. The angled tip is designed for precise prostate stimulation, Prostate Massagers are commonly made from silicone and steel.

Je Joue Fifi Rabbit Vibrator


A Rabbit Vibrator provides internal and external stimulation for an all around amazing orgasm. This dual action vibrator has two "ears" that vibrate against the clitoris, while the longer shaft internally stimulates the g-spot. Rabbit Vibrators are one of the best sex toys on the market and are a great vibrator for those new to toys.


A Sex Swing is a set of harnesses that allow you to be suspended off the ground that allows you to experiment with, and experience new and exciting sexual positions. They can be attached to the ceiling or hung from a door.


Silicone toys are the go-to material when it comes to crafting sex toys. It is soft to the touch, usually body-safe, it quickly warms to the body temperature when inserted or played with, and it is easy to keep clean.


Spanking Paddles are usually made from leather or flexible plastic. The flat surfaces are designed for spanking your partner. Some Paddles have one side that is textured and the other smooth.


Strap-Ons are fabulous for lesbian couples wanting to add dildos to thier play time or for hetrosexual couples wanting to try out "pegging" (where a woman uses a strap-on to anally penetrate a man). Strap-Ons are usually dildos or vibrators worn by the woman and held in place by a harness.

Fun Factory ShareVibe


Strapless Strap-Ons are a little more advanced than standard strap-ons, offering a pleasurable experience for both partners. Similar to a double ended dildo, one side of the Strapless Strap-On is inserted into the vagina, stimulating the wearer, while the other end is used to penetrate her partner.


Offering a unique sensation, Suction Vibrators use air waves technology to pulsate, creating a gentle suck and blow over the clitoris.
Since there is no direct contact with the clitoris, there is no over-stimulation or hypersensitivity, making this the perfect sex toy for multiple orgasms.

Bubbles Petite Sensations Plug


A Vibrating Butt Plug is essentially a Anal or Butt Plug that is designed to be inserted into your rectum and vibrates. These toys offer a deep, rumbling vibrations that stimulate your nerve-enriched anus. These toys are great for prostate stimulation for men. These sex toys are controlled with a remote or by buttons on the base of the plug.

Nos Vibrating Cock Ring


Vibrating Cock Rings offer amazing sensations to both you and your partner. Cock rings restrict blood from leaving the penis, keeping him harder and helping him last longer. The vibrations stimulate the clitoris during sex and send vibrations through the shaft of the penis, providing internal vibrations during penetration.

Lelo Lyla 2 Vibrating Egg


Vibrating Love Eggs are great toys for beginners. Control these eggs with the remote provided, take the adventure out in public. These vibrating eggs are used for internal stimulation. The deep, satisfying rumbles vibrate the clitoris from the inside out. Give the control over to your partner and allow them to pick the vibration settings.


Why restrict your play time to the bedroom? Waterproof Vibrators are designed to keep water out of your sex toy's motor, so your favourite vibrator can join you in the bath or shower. These goodies are also very easy to clean as they can be fully submerged in water.


Whips are part of the Bondage and BDSM family. Used to assert dominance and inflict pleasureable pain, these goodies are often made from leather and have braided tails. Whipping your partner increases sensitivity to the spanked area. Run the tails along the body to tease in anticipation of the next whip.

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