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Ball Stretchers

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Our ball stretchers are designed to maximise your pleasure. Many men will tell you how good it feels to have their balls touched or tugged gently, during masturbation or sex. The most common (and comfortable) types are made of super-soft silicone. These will keep the testicles tight and out-front during sex and can be a great turn-on for both partners. They look great and feel incredible. Some offer more intense stretch than others, depending on their different shape. The amount of squeeze ranges from beginner to advanced. Some are weighted for more intensity. Whichever you try, you're sure to love the feel of these toys.

Exquisite pressure will bring you intense pleasure, thanks to our ball stretchers. These toys heighten your arousal and increase your orgasms in ways you cannot imagine. Available in a range of shapes and materials, ball stretching toys can be used for beginners and pros. They can be used on their own or even used with other toys such as nipple clamps if you've used them before and you're looking for mind-blowing ecstasy.

Classic stretchers are ideal for those who have yet to discover the delights of these incredible toys. These offer gentle stretching that will help you get used to the sensation. We promise... you'll be wanting more once you feel that delectable weight and sensation! Silicone testicle stretchers are a great choice for beginners as they are soft and light-weight. Comfort is everything, after all, and you and your partner want to enjoy every sensation.

What about those wanting more stretch? If you're ready to add even more pressure, we've got more advanced stretchers in our collection as well. Try a weighted stainless steel stretcher that will intensify the feeling in a way that will feel beyond incredible. These are available in a selection of sizes. We also have duo cock slingers and stretchers that can be enjoyed by beginners and pros alike. View our full collection to buy ball stretchers online now.