Glass + Metal toys

Glass + Metal toys

Exquisite Sensations

You'd be forgiven for thinking these were works of art rather than sex toys. (Just don't put them on your mantlepiece.) Glass and Metal dildos are simply amazing. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they can provide the most enjoyable sexual sensations. Warm them up or cool them down - can you imagine how that must feel? Other factors that up the awesomeness: they're made from unique materials (so they won’t break), they're long-lasting, and they won’t degrade as other materials do. These high-quality, luxurious toys are perfect for beautiful, satisfying sensations. Explore your desires with these exquisite toys.




Tips, Tricks & Treats!

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Beginner Guides

How to Use a Vibrator - Sex Toys 101

It seems like it would be obvious, right? Feels silly to ask the girls over lunch what a lady is actually supposed to do with her battery-powered pal. And yet, it’s not always that obvious.
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Clitoral Stimulation

A New Wave of Vibrators

Vibrators are evolving at a rapid rate, no longer is it just about vibration, manufacturers are now using sound & air waves to stimulate more of the clitoris. The results are clitorally explosive!
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