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Njoy Pure Wand Probe

If there’s one toy that can transform your sex life, the Njoy Pure Wand is it. It sounds like a big claim but the clever curve delivers absolute precision, whether it’s the G-spot or the P-spot you’re aiming for and it’s ideal for potent partner play, too. The substantial stainless steel gives this toy a weightiness that applies perfect pressure. This wand is a lifelong investment in pure pleasure.

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The Pure Wand has two heads: one measures 1 inch for prostate massage and the other 1.5 inches for G-spot stimulation. However, you can switch it up to suit your own personal pleasure spec.

The curve of the wand aims right for those nerve-rich endings that will reward you with an orgasmic standing ovation. The Pure Wand is so precise in fact, that we heartily recommend it for those of you that are interested in gushing, even if you’ve never experienced it before. The total length of the Pure Wand is 8 inches, giving you plenty of room for this kind of exploration. The Njoy Pure Wand is a weighted toy that triumphs when it comes to delivering consistent repeat results. It looks gorgeous, feels amazing and the chic silver finish makes it a work of art in our books (and in our bedrooms!)

Be sure to clean your NJoy toys with a soft cloth to preserve the gorgeous stainless steel sheen!


  • Sexy Stainless Steel
  • Beautifully Curved
  • Elongated Shape for Comfort
  • Easy Access


Contents Storage Case Included
Water Friendly Waterproof
Size 24.5cm x 3cm
Material Stainless Steel

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