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Penis sleeves are about making you longer or lasting longer and providing extra pleasure. Also known as cock sleeves, cock sheaths or penis extenders, these amazing tools are for men who want to add both length and girth to their penis size. They're available in many sizes, textures, colours and shapes. Sleeves and sheaths also feature a range of features, such as knobs and rubber ribs, that can further enhance pleasure for your partner.

These sleeves are made to add extra sizing where it counts, giving you the feel of a thicker and longer penis. They are easy to use, allowing you to slide your erection into the sleeve and enjoy penetration or even solo play. Our collection includes a variety of sizes to suit your preferences. Choose a closed sheath or an open sheath that gives you intense pleasure down to your tip. Most penis extender sleeves have texture inside, giving you plenty of pleasure while wearing the sleeve. After all, they're not only about pleasing your partner... they're about enhancing your own pleasure, too! For even more sensation, try our vibrating cock sheath that has multiple settings. This toy is guaranteed to bring you both to a shuddering climax! Although penis sheaths are about enhancing your sensations during solo and couple's play, they are also excellent for getting it up. If you're having trouble getting or maintaining erections, sleeves will help you keep going without losing sensation. This means getting full enjoyment and a healthy sex life. Ready to get started? Buy penis sleeves online now.

Kegel Exercise Questions

Using Kegel Exercise Balls

Kegel balls are small, weighted balls inserted in the vagina to strengthen pelvic floor muscles during Kegel exercises. Besides their health benefits, they can enhance sexual pleasure and stimulation, whether used alone or during sexual activities with a partner.

Yes, you can wear Kegel balls or Ben Wa balls while moving, but it is advised to limit the duration. While it may be tempting to wear them for an extended period, it's recommended to use them for short intervals. This enables you to maximize the benefits of Kegel exercises while minimizing any discomfort or potential issues that may arise from prolonged wear.

To get Kegel balls to stay in, contracting and exercising the pelvic floor muscles is crucial. This strengthens your muscles and ensures the balls stay in place for a longer period. When starting out, it's recommended to leave the balls in for a shorter duration while keeping the pelvic floor muscles contracted to maintain their position.

It’s important to wash your Kegel weights using antibacterial soap and warm water, before and after you use them. This is to avoid harmful bacteria, pH imbalances, or vaginal infections. We suggest using a high-quality toy cleaner to keep your sex toys clean and ready for use. Air-dry your kegel balls after washing.