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Daddy | Penis Sheath

The Daddy cock and ball sheath by Oxballs instantly enhances your size with added length and girth. With a perfect fit and super flexible material, this sheath shakes up your partner fun, cupping your testicles gently for an unexpected dimension of pleasure.

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Nothing powers up your pleasure like an instant boost in size, and the Oxballs Daddy penis and ball sheath fits like a second skin, adding impressive extra length and girth for more intensity and sensation when you play. This large penis sheath gives you even more confidence in the bedroom, and the perfect fit ensures that you’re comfortable enough for longer lasting play. The sheath puts gentle pressure on the base of your penis for a firmer, longer lasting erection. It comes with an easy insert that locks into place, shortening the length of the chamber. This allows you to slip inside the sheath more easily and improves suction for a smooth fit. This cock sheath is easily cleaned with simple soap and water, and can be used with a water based lubricant. In fact, add a couple of drops of lubricant to the inside of the sheath, and you'll move gently in and out of it with every thrust, giving the wearer just as much pleasure as his partner. If you prefer a tighter fit, simply squeeze along the sheath all the way down to the base to expel any excess air. This sheath measures 10 inches in length with an inner chamber circumference of 5.75 inches. The Flex-TPR material stretches to fit you, and the realistic tip ensures that the experience is a lifelike one that also fulfils your fantasies of size and power.


  • Molds to fit you
  • SUper soft Blubbery Material
  • Super Stretchy
  • Add Girth and Length
  • Customer the Hollow Length with the Inserter Plug
  • One size fits most


 Box Content Penis and Ball Sheath | Sheath Plug

Insertable Length: 21 cm

Internal Length: 16.21 cm

Sheath Diameter: 5.4 cm

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