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For a sexy second skin

So why fetish lingerie? On the obvious side, it looks ridiculously sexy and demands that you're taken seriously. On the not-so-obvious side, it's seamless, meaning it's stronger and can be much tighter than normal lingerie. Don any of these pieces and it will seem as if you are wearing a second skin, or as if you're naked or coated in a shiny paint-like substance. And this is where the visual appeal (and fetish) comes into play.

PVC and Latex looks absolutely amazing when polished - but less so when it isn't. If you're buying latex lingerie, you MUST remember to buy the polish and shine product to keep it beautiful.

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Matilda's Adult Sex Toy Shop - Discreet & Secure - Icons 2

In bed, you want to feel amazing. We understand. Matilda's is here for you to find those happy feelings of bliss, without the awkward visit to an adult shop. We've worked hard to bring you the best quality sex toys from all over the world. If you're new here, you're in luck! Our new "Beginners Guide to Sex Toys" is here! Now you can enjoy the best sexual experiences possible, while exploring your fantasies.

Whether you're looking for a vibrator, dildo or sex toys for men, you'll find that beautiful toy right here, safely, securely and discreetly.

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