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March 30, 2018

Sonar and air vibrators take orgasms to a whole new level

Toy Makers Are Becoming Even More Creative!

For some reason, vibrators seem to have taken a hold on the sex toy market. There are loads of other products available - anal beads, masturbators, dildos, butt plugs and cock rings - but think of sex toys, and chances are you’ll be thinking of a vibrator.

Despite the popularity of vibrators, there isn’t anything inherently superior about vibration when it comes to producing orgasms. Think of the last time you masturbated with your hands - same delicious feelings, same orgasm.

So why have clitoral stimulators always just focused on vibration? No one really knows, because there isn’t much research on the topic. Could there be other ways to stimulate the clitoris - better ways - that haven’t been thought of before?

“Vibrators are really popular because they do the job,” says Saskia, our Managing Director, here at Matilda’s.

“It seems no one has really put in the effort to be more creative with them because they have sold so well over the years. So why change a winning formula?”

However, Saskia says that landscape is changing rapidly. It started with the Womanizer(who’s makers declare it a world first).

The Womanizer is a suction toy designed to mimic the feelings of oral sex. This toy encloses the clitoris and stimulates it with soft waves of air pressure. This toy also doesn’t just stimulate the part of the clitoris that you can see - the air waves extend into the nerve-filled “legs” of the clitoris which extend past the vagina.

The Womanizer W500

The Womanizer 500
A clitoral stimulator that sucks the clitoris

The Womanizer claims to provide explosive, almost instant orgasms. They aren’t wrong. The product has been successful: you are now able to purchase the Womanizer Pro in a variety of colours, the wildly popular Womanizer2Go (designed to look like a lipstick), the Womanizer Plussize, The WomanizerW500 Pro and the Womanizer Pro40. But this isn’t where the vibrator-revolution stopped.

The Womanizer2Go
Discreet pleasure!

WomanizerPro40 Clitoral Stimulator

The Womanizer Pro40
For contactless stimulation

And then, came Lelo's Sona 

Lelo Sona Clitoral Stimulator

Lelo Sona Cruise
Sound vibrations that hit 75% more of the clitoris

Successful toy brand Lelo has released a vibrator called the Sona, which claims to stimulate 75 per cent more of the clitoris than traditional vibes. Matilda's will soon be stocking this exciting toy.

Again, it’s all about the part of the clitoris we can’t see. Imagine being at a club and standing in front of a loudspeaker, pumping loud music? Those vibrations you can feel in your very bones? Or even sitting on a tumble-dryer. Same effect produced by the Sona! This toy uses sonic waves and pulses to stimulate the whole of the clitoris, not just the little nub we are all familiar with. Women are loving it!

Stuart Nugent, the brand communications manager at Lelo said the following to Sun Magazine:

“It’s crazy that we had visited the moon and could accurately estimate the size and composition of planets light years away before we even tried to understand the anatomy of the clitoris. "We knew the penis inside and out by the Middle Ages. Now that we finally know an equal amount about the clitoris, it’s time to really give it the love and devotion it deserves.”

According to Lelo, this is exactly what the Sona does. The clitoris is actually rather large when you look at the whole structure, and the sound waves produced by the Sona resonate deep into the internal structure of the clitoris, resulting in orgasms you’ve not experienced before. Which is really rather marvellous!

“It’s really exciting to see that sex toy makers are looking at new ways to pleasure women,” says Saskia. “The industry is evolving at a rapid rate and the Womanizer and Sona are great examples of this. We can’t wait to see what is coming next!”

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