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Explore Your Backdoor with these Beginner-Friendly Anal Toys!

Perhaps you have already delved into the back door option, maybe not, but let us add some facts and products you maybe did not know.
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So you’ve decided to try out anal adventure? This can be a little bit scary, we know. Maybe you’ve already tried a little probing with a finger, and discovered some delicious sensations but you’re still unsure; or maybe you have not even ventured near the back door yet. Here is some info that might help you.

Let us begin with a quick look at the anatomy. Your anus is surrounded by two rings of muscle: the internal and external sphincters. The external sphincter is no problem; you should be able to squeeze and release it reasonably quickly. The internal sphincter is another story.

That muscle likes to stay tight, but is full of erotic nerve endings that love a bit of sexy stimulation. With a little tantalising conditioning, the internal sphincter will play along happily, if you proceed with caution. 

Part of our essential paraphenalia should be plenty of anal lube. The skin within the anus is sensitive, so treat it with care. Keep it lubed and stop immediately if you feel something is wrong. However, lube, patience & practice should take you on the road to amazing anal play.

Top Anal Toys for Bottom Training to assist you get started, see some of our top anal toys. From beginner butt plugs that will feel super-comfy (and surprisingly sexy) to mood-instigating probes, we have them all. 

ROMP Amp Anal Beads



The Romp Amp Silicone Anal Beads help lighten the mood, and are perfectly sized for beginners as they experience the bliss of popping those beads in orgasm.

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