Courier & Delivery


  • Delivery is super speedy, to anywhere in SA.
  • Shipping is for FREE for all orders over¬†R745
  • All¬†parcels are 100% discreet!
  • Orders are packaged into plain, unmarked boxes and dispatched in courier waybill bags.
  • Delivery is usually overnight to all main centres on business days. However please allow for an extra day due to air freight restrictions.
  • Delivery to other outlying and regional areas may take 3-4 days

Right, so this is how we usually work:

Mondays - Friday: We process orders from 08h00 - 15h00. So, if you order before 15h00, we will send/dispatch your goodies on the same day.
Our overnight delivery applies to all main centres, so if you live in Pofadder, for example, your delivery may take a little longer. Happily though, not longer than three working days! 

Weekends and after hours: If your order is placed AFTER 15h00, or over the weekend, we will process and dispatch it on the next business day.
Orders received after the courier collection on a Thursday will be dispatched on Friday and you can expect delivery the following Monday. The couriers do not deliver on weekends (or public holidays).

Seriously, Sherlock Holmes would be impressed with our detective-like, discretion abilities. No one will know your ordered is from us!

Parcels: Are plain cardboard boxes inside plain ol' regular courier packaging. There isn't anything on the box to indicate where the package is from. We know privacy is important to you, so we make sure.

Waybill: Also, super discreet. Anyone looking at it will not know where your parcel is from. We use an alias name as Sender so if anyone else signs for your parcel they won't see where it's from. 

Bank Account: Will reflect a payment an account that doesn't reference Matilda's, (example "ML Webstore") to keep your orders private and confidential. 

Bottom line: don't worry about us delivering to your home or business. Hell, you could even get your boss / secretary / colleague to sign for the box - they will never know what's inside!

Our waybill system will scan your address to validate the correct postal code and area etc. This makes our delivery rate 10/10. However, we take the information that you supply us, so please be precise.

The courier company will always attempt to deliver to the given delivery address. If no one is home or no one answers, the couriers will attempt delivery again on their next delivery run.

In Short: You will need to be available THE ENTIRE DAY to receive the delivery. If not, please inform us who will be receiving your goodies on your behalf. The courier company needs to deliver hundreds of parcels in a day and cannot schedule exact delivery times with everyone. So, depending on where you are on his route, delivery can be different times throughout the day. Remember, our packaging is 100% discreet, so you can get it delivered to your work address.

It is not always realistic to expect the courier drivers to contact you via phone. Faulty intercoms and high-security communities can cause some difficulties. Please make sure the necessary security people are aware of the delivery. If you have any trouble with your delivery, you can contact the couriers directly or ask us to track and confirm your delivery for you.

Please take note: The courier company will attempt to deliver three times before returning the parcel to us. There is a re-send fee that you will need to pay before we can dispatch again with the couriers.

  • Saturday Delivery - Only if you're really, and I mean REALLY, super serious about needing your goodies on a Saturday! Saturday delivery options are more expensive, and please keep in mind that couriers only deliver to certain centres on Saturdays. We suggest using our standard courier delivery which is fast¬†and efficient. If you absolutely must have Saturday delivery, we'll do our best to help - as always! Please contact us by email to find out if it's possible.
  • Early-Bird Delivery - We can arrange for early-bird delivery, but this will come at an extra cost and is also not guaranteed - things like breakdowns, strikes, traffic congestion¬†or a world pandemic can affect the time of your delivery. Also, your order would need to be placed and paid for before 09h00.
  • Public Holiday Delivery - Sadly we do not - mainly because our couriers don't work on public holidays. We also generally like to spend our public holidays at home with our loved ones :)
  • Same Day Delivery - Ah, as much as we know what it's like to want something right now - we really don't like offering this service. Mainly because same-day shipping is super expensive and it doesn't guarantee same-day delivery (couriers can run late). Take it from us: use our standard courier delivery. It's fast, efficient and reasonable.
  • In-Store Collection - Since we have a beautiful store in Durban, it is possible to collect from our Umhlanga showroom. If you are in the Johannesburg or Cape Town area, you will need to buy online. When you are in Durban on your next holiday, be sure to pop in and see our Showroom.

Yes, it can be. If your order is over R745, delivery is entirely free! Happy days!

Courier Information

We use a third-party delivery service. Matilda's has strict SLA's signed with our chosen courier company to ensure 110% discreet delivery, as well as timeous and dependable service. This is non-negotiable for us!

Once your parcel has been dispatched, we will send you your tracking number (these emails are usually sent before 16H00 everyday). If you have your tracking number, you can track it on the courier tracking site via the link in our email. The tracking number looks similar to this: MLW*****
It can take a few hours for the courier to receive and load your parcel onto their system before you can track your goodies. We suggest giving it until about 18H00.

Sometimes, you need to tell us or the couriers something important - you know, maybe your intercom hasn't been working for the last five years... Simply tell us what we need to know on the check out page - we've supplied a little box for this very purpose.

If you forgot pop us an email with your instructions to as soon as you remember.

It is most likely on it's way, especially if you've received your tracking number (via email from us).
If you did not receive a tracking number, don't forget to check your junk mail. If it isn't there, give us a shout to confirm that your parcel has been dispatched. Just don't forget: if you placed your order over a weekend, or after 15H00, it will only be dispatched on the next business day.

If there's a problem with your parcel, we will not rest until we've tracked it down and got it to you! We will stay up all night, eating donuts and drinking coffee, scouring the land for your parcel. We will put up posters. We will call the police! We promise we will find your parcel.

At the moment we currently do not deliver outside of South Africa. With the COVID-19 restrictions, it has made it very difficult to get the parcel delivered abroad. Let's leave it at that, and not talk about the restrictions on our products and the import duties payable...
We suggest bribing a mule - friends, family, anyone with a bit of extra space ;)

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