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Sensational solo sex gets even more fun with our masturbators. Browse our naughty range of masturbators for men rand find the latest and greatest gadgets on the planet. Our collection of male masturbators includes a wide range of products and brands chosen to provide maximum pleasure and stimulation. From realistic strokers to high-tech automated devices, we have the perfect product to help you achieve the ultimate climax. We stock the world-famous Fleshlight, everyone's favourite Tenga Masturbators, the Hot Octopuss Pulse, Fun Factory's Cobra, and much more.




Our male masturbators take solo play to a whole new level. These toys are all about giving you a real-feel experience, with a selection of masturbation toys ranging from the legendary Fleshlights to Tenga eggs and many others. Whether you're new to the pleasure of male solo sex toys or you're looking to grow your collection, you're sure to love the feel of these devices. They're not just for solo play, either. Use with a partner for even more fun and pleasure.

Who says girls get to have all the fun with sex toys? Our collection makes sure that guys have just as much fun, with plenty of toys that amplify your climax. If it's realistic you're after, the iconic Fleshlights is a must-try. These toys are discrete and easy to use. Hidden inside the flashlight casing is a soft, pliant centre that allows you to recreate sex, oral or anal. The inner centre is made of material that mimics human skin for an ultra-realistic experience.

Find your favourite and maximise your pleasure. Along with Fleshlights, we've also got lots of other masturbation toys for guys. Other subtle toys include the Tenga egg, which hides a realistic centre that intensifies your release. We also have vacuum cups, masturbation cups, prostate massagers, pocket pussy and Cock Rings that feel like nothing you've experienced before. Buy mastorbators for men online and enjoy endless fun on your own or with a partner.

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