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Pleasure Kits

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Our Pleasure Kits give you a box full of delight. These boxes of pleasure make it easy to buy the perfect toys and accessories for intimate exploration. Whether you’re a bedroom beginner or a pleasure pro, there’s a kit full of sexy goodies to set your next date night alight. Each kit has all the essentials, plus instructions for how to use the different toys and equipment included. Our kits take all the hassle out of shopping and put all the fun into the bedroom. You're sure to love them!

Our Pleasure Kits are made with one purpose in mind... pure pleasure. We've put together a collection of kits that contain all the essentials you need to make playtime even more fun. You could think of them as toy boxes, for adults. The selection of adult toys in each pack has been carefully chosen by our team to maximise bedroom play. From beginner-friendly kits that have all the basics to kits that take you into the world of BDSM, these kits have it all.

Slide your way into solo play with our vibrator and orgasm gel two-pack. Spice up date night with our couple's pack or our pride packs filled with tantalising products. These packs are a great option if you are still fairly new to the wonders of sex toys. Along with the toys themselves, our packs also include instructions on how to get the best use out of your exciting new toy collection. Remember to stock up on lubricant, too, to get even more pleasure.

If you're looking to venture further into erotic play, we've got Pleasure Kits that will help you push your boundaries in a way that you will never forget. Our body positioning, restraint and pleasure sets will have you begging for more, with a range of tools that will have you falling over that edge like never before. We've also got pretty yet naughty sets that will be the highlight of any bridal shower. Browse our full range and buy Pleasure Kits online in South Africa now.