Vibrators for Clitoral Stimulation Vibrators for Clitoral Stimulation

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What are the best sex toys for men?
This guide will help you..

The Exciting World Of 
Male Sex Toys

Today, men can enjoy various products such as prostate massagers, cock rings, penis sleeves, penis pumps, Fleshlight masturbators, male vibrators and more. You can use these toys for delicious solo play or a couple's adventure resulting in next-level orgasms. It's an exciting world for men out there, and we can't wait for you to explore it!

Harder For Longer

Cock rings are magical little creations. They can be worn during sex to enhance your and your partner's enjoyment.

What are Cock Rings?

Cock rings are worn around the base of the penis to restrict blood flow away from your erection, resulting in a harder and more prolonged erection, which increases stamina. These fantastic inventions can also be slipped on before using a penis pump, giving you long-lasting results.

Types of Cock Rings

We recently created a list of our favourite cock rings to help you choose. There are Cock Rings that vibrate, which perform the same function as their non-vibrating counterpart, but providing you with incredible vibrations turning your shaft into a wonderful sensation that both you and your partner can enjoy.

For Enhanced Solo Play

Solo sex can be made to feel even more exciting with our collection of male masturbators. These handy little tools offer a variety of feelings and will turn any hand jobs into a whole new experience.
Some masturbation toys even come as hands-free!

There are many options for enhancing masturbation - from strokers to sleeves to oral sex simulators. Masturbation eggs are a popular choice and offer a perfect (and cheap) way to test out the feelings that masturbators offer. They are designed for limited use, so they can only be used a few times, but they will give you a good idea of what masturbators are all about.

The variety of textures will blow your mind. For the discerning buyer looking for a long-term relationship with their sex toy, we would suggest a range like Fleshlight (see below for more info) or similar.

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The Male G-Spot

A man's prostate gland is the equivalent of a woman's G-spot.
Located in the anus, when stimulated, the prostate can result in strong and intense orgasms for men.

Aneros Helix Syn Trident Prostate Massager

Where is my P-Spot

The prostate is a male gland roughly the size and shape of a walnut. This is located just beneath the bladder and in front of the rectum. The prostate can be stroked and massaged during sex, giving the man super intense and powerful orgasms. So powerful, in fact, that it is even known as the male G-spot!

The P-Spot Massagers

The prostate massager has been designed perfectly to slip in easily and massage just the right spot. The shape is generally have a slightly curved head (similar to a curved finger) to reach the P-spot. Some prostate massagers vibrate for extra sensations. Better yet, some move in a come-hither motion to give you the best stimulation you will ever experience solo.

The Best Experience

Prostate orgasms are generally stronger and a lot more pleasurable than orgasms experienced purely from penile stimulation. Some men climax from prostate stimulation alone, so it's worth knowing where and what this little love button is!

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Knowledge is power, read up and understand more about our Prostate and how it can benefit you.

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Recommended Products:

Finding the perfect fit can be tricky, but these are popular amoung our customers.
Aneros Helix Trident
Revo Stealth Prostate Massager

For Deeper Penetration

Extension sleeves are worn by men for the benefit of their partners. This is your go-to range to give your partner a more filling and deeper experience.

Oxballs Smooth Penis Extension Sleeve

What are Extension Sleeves?

These inventions give you extra length and girth, giving your partner even more pleasure. Some extension sleeves have plastic knobs and ridges of all shapes and sizes along the shaft both internally or externally of the extension sleeve, adding even more texture and fun sensations for you and your partner.

Support when Needed

Extension sleeves that can help with ED. Giving your the tools to still have intercourse with your partner. There are extension sleeves with built-in ballsling. These wrap around and tug around the testicals while keeping the penis sleeve in place during intercourse. Place water-based lubricant inside and down the shaft of the extension sleeve to add to the feel and sensation.

Recommended Products

These are just a few we have in our range of Extension Sleeves.

Xtend Boy | Reversible Penis Sleeve
Invader Cocksheath
Malesation Penis Extender Set

For Stronger Orgasms

Yes, we decided that the Fleshlight range needed its very own mention!
The Fleshlight has pretty much revolutionised the world of male masturbation.

What is a Fleshlight?

The toy resembles a flashlight (hence the name) and contains a sleeve of flesh-like material used for solo play. This inner sleeve can simulate a vagina or an anus in up to 48 textures and various colours.

Worlds Number 1

It's no wonder the Fleshlight is the world's number 1 selling sex toy for men. The Real Feel Super Skin masturbation sleeves are made from premium quality material, which replicates the feeling of penetrative sex.

Penis Pump Vs Penis Extenders
Which is better?

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps use a suction technology which encourages blood flow to the penis, increasing length and girth. When used regularly, penis pumps can give long-lasting results.
It is recommended to use a cock ring before pumping. This will allow your shaft to retain its length and girth after removing it from the cylinder.
Learn more from our blog page Penis Enlargement - Top Tips for Big Results

Male Edge Penis Enlarger

Penis Extenders

Penis Extenders are devices that lengthen the penis via the method of cell generation. You would put your penis under mild traction over time, allowing for natural lengthening.
Once set up, they are quick and easy to put on and remove. With some extenders, you can wear them during the day under your clothing around the house for the recommended time.

Find your Favourite

Sex Toy For Men

They're popular for a reason, and they all have different benefits and personalities! We hope you find the perfect toy that makes you feel great.