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Mens Locker

Premium | Penis Extender

This Premium penis extender by Men’s Locker features original and gold-plated extension rods and 3 comfort pads. It’s ideal for the man who loves a little extra luxury.

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The Premium penis extender by Men’s Locker is a luxurious addition to your toolkit and is designed for penises that measure 4 to 25cm in flaccid length. This penis extender comes with a stylish aluminium flight case, 2 x 5mm Original extension rods, 4 x 25mm gold-plated extension rods and 4 x 50mm gold plated extension rods. It has features stronger springs for increased tension and faster results. You’ll also get silicone tubes and belts as well as 3 comfort pads. It’s designed to be worn for 4 to 9 hours per day, with a break every 3 hours. It encourages cell activity, ensuring safe gains in length as well as girth. It’s easily and discreetly worn under loose trousers during the day.


  • Top of The Range
  • Premium Penis Enlarger
  • More Tension For Faster Results


Contents 1 x Premium Gold-Plated Penis Enlarger | 1 x Premium Black Travel Case | 1 x Slick Aluminium Flight Case | 4 x 25mm Gold-Plated Extension Rods | 4 x 50mm Gold-Plated Extension Rods | 2 x 5mm Original Extension Rods | 2 x 2100g Springs | 2 x Silicone Belts
Speed No Vibration
Stimulation Penis
Type For Him
Waterfriendly No
Size Caters for Penis Sizes: 4cm - 25cm Flaccid Length & Any Size Girth
Material Gold Plated
Powersource No power source
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