Bondage Cuffs & Restraints

Cuffs & Restraints

Show some restraint

Enjoy some restraint! Whether you're keen to try something a little bit different or need suitably robust restraints for extended bondage and discipline, our selection of erotic cuffs, silk ties, and bondage gear will have you begging for more. The range includes soft satin, strong and washable neoprene webbing, sexy black leather, and classic rope in silk, cotton or hemp.



SportsheetsSpread The Love Bar
1 review
Sale priceR 944 Regular priceR 1,349
Steamy ShadesBedroom Bliss Positioning Set
2 reviews
Sale priceR 2,999 Regular priceR 3,399
Steamy ShadesSteamy Shades Suction Cuffs
No reviews
Sale priceR 735 Regular priceR 919
Steamy ShadesDeluxe Inflatable Wedge & Cuff
No reviews
Sale priceR 1,999 Regular priceR 2,499
Steamy ShadesBondage Steamy Shades Set
No reviews
Sale priceR 1,899 Regular priceR 3,199
Steamy ShadesSteamy Shades Hog Tie
1 review
Sale priceR 423 Regular priceR 579

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