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Our prostate massagers offer the ultimate in male satisfaction. It's the male G-Spot, and it feels incredible when stimulated. Prostate massagers are designed to stimulate the prostate gland for massive pleasure and intense sexual satisfaction. These toys are typically curved to reach the prostate and may often feature additional vibration or pressure to enhance sensations. Whether you're a beginner to male G-spot pleasure or an experienced user, a prostate massager can be a great addition to your toy collection.



NjoyNjoy Pfun | Anal Plug
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Sale priceR 2,399 Regular priceR 2,999
NjoyNjoy Eleven | Stainless Steel Dildo
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Sale priceR 5,839 Regular priceR 7,299
MalesationPremium Anal | Ultimate Kit
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Sale priceR 1,889 Regular priceR 2,099
NexusSparta | Prostate Stroker
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Sale priceR 1,519 Regular priceR 2,099

These massagers are made to vibrate, stimulate and massage your prostate in all the right ways. Curved to enhance your pleasure, these toys are perfect to up your solo play sessions. They can also make for a more sensational experience during partner sex. Available in a variety of materials, styles and shapes, these gadgets are your new best friend. Give it a try, and we promise you'll be hooked in no time! Women have the G-spot and men have the P-spot. The P stands for prostate – an ultra-sensitive spot in your anus that produces waves of pleasure when stimulated. Regular toys do not activate this spot because they do not have the right design. P-spot massagers are designed with a curve, accessing that sweet spot and giving you the type of pleasure that you have only imagined. Lube up and give this toy a try to see what the fuss is about. We've got a great selection of massagers made for enhanced male pleasure. From stainless steel prostrate dildos to vibrating anal plugs, rimming plugs, strokers, 10-speed massagers, and more, this collection will enhance your bedroom play on a whole new level. If you're new to prostate play, our three-piece butt plug set will help you adjust to the pleasure easily. Whichever you choose, Matilda's is the place to buy prostate massagers online.

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