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For Men: A Beginners Guide to Lingerie Shopping

  • 2 min read

Guys – Your Lady Will Love You Even More if Your Choose Wisely

A Beginners Guide to Lingerie Shopping 

Of course the first thing to remember when buying lingerie for someone special is that it's not about you. Your credit card and fantasies may play a big part in the purchase, but ultimately, it's your lass who's going to don the sexy lingerie. So use this guide to buy your lady the lingerie she will absolutely love!

So, how to decide what lingerie your lady will love? It's a tough question, and it's one of the most common queries we deal with. 

The rules are pretty simple - buy lingerie to suit her personality. Essentially, if she is a girly girl with a love for sugar and spice and all things pink, rubber vinyl and a matching ball gag may get you as far as the curb with a restraining order in pocket. So don't do that. 

The thing is, even though it can be difficult to choose lingerie, buying your SO some beautiful lingerie is a sure-fire way to keep your sexual relationship alive and happy. Science has even confirmed that wearing lingerie is one of the 5 secrets of long-term couples who have hot sex. So good on you for even thinking of it!

Secret Mission: Scope Out Lingerie: It's probably a good idea that you take note of what she likes to wear:

  • Which items are her favourite?
  • Which lingerie ads interest her?
  • Which sexy lingerie appeals to her?
  • Is she partial to body hugging corsets or frilly babydolls?

Cup size crisis?

Simply venture a peek into the naughty lingerie drawer while the missus is taking a shower or flash a glance at the size label as you're peeling off the layers. Even though you may have the best intentions at heart, many a man has hit a sensitive nerve when presenting some saucy lingerie which was either too small or too big.

Check and then double check sizes to get her something that fits. Keep in mind that not all women are one hundred percent proportionate. Just because your girl may be small on top does not mean things fare the same for her derriere.

Some ladies, although modest in the bust department, may have a sizeable booty. Nothing kills romantic intentions more than alluding that your love's bum is even bigger than you thought.

Check out our lingerie size guide for more help and get shopping for some saucy lingerie at Matilda's