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If you’re looking for a masturbator that ticks all the boxes - Fleshlight is a fantastic choice. The products are known for their quality, and the selection is wide enough to suit every man’s desire and need. It’s the top-selling male sex toy in the world because of the excellent designs and quality of every item in the range.

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We carry the widest range of Fleshlights in South Africa. When you buy a Fleshlight from Matilda’s, you’re guaranteed to be getting a genuine Fleshlight product. As authorized distributors of the Fleshlight brand, we don’t stock cheap replicas or lookalike products. We would advise against using inferior products.

The Fleshlight product range

The best-sellers are the Fleshlight Original and Stamina Training Unit. If you’re looking for something specific, you’re in luck! We stock all best-selling Fleshlight products. You’ll find the classics (the Fleshlight Lady Originals) to the Fleshlight girls, Stamina Training Unit, Quickshot, Turbo, and Ice masturbators.