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Fleshwash Toy Cleaner | Fleshlight

Fleshlight fans know that Fleshwash is an essential when it comes to keeping your favourite sleeve squeaky clean and ready for round two. This toy cleaner comes in a handy spray bottle, allowing you to spritz your toy with anti-bacterial formula after the fun. 

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Fleshwash features a powerful formulation that includes Benzalkonium Chloride to really fight off bacteria. That said, it’s gentle on skin and won’t cause irritation. This cleaner is so versatile that you can use it beyond your Fleshlight collection. It’s safe for use on latex and silicone as well as Superskin, and the non-greasy, alcohol-free formulation isn’t tested on animals, making it a firm favourite at Matilda’s headquarters. This cleaner is simple to use: simply wash your Fleshlight with warm water, and spray Fleshwash on the inside and outside, allowing it to air dry once you’re done. The result is a fresh Fleshlight that’s prepped for repeat action whenever you want it.


Flavour / Scent None
Pack / Size 100ml
Health Type Toy Cleaner
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