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A Guide to Sex Toys For Men

Until recently, the selection of sex toys for men has been pretty bleak. You may have been able to find a vibrating cock ring here or a male masturbator there, but unless you knew where to look, that was it! Thankfully, Matilda’s Guide To Men’s Sex Toys is here, and things are about to get exciting.

If you’re interested in finding your g-spot, discovering the pleasures that anal toys can unlock, or simply staying harder for longer, there’s a sex toy (or several) to suit you. Our sex toy guide for men contains helpful information and the best toys for solo or shared pleasure.

With Cock Rings

If you want greater control over your erections and an increase in pleasure for you and your partner, cock rings could be the key to better sex for you both. Bring a whole new meaning to put a ring on it with these options:

Force Cock and Ball Ring

Force Cock And Ball Ring

Malestation’s Force Cock and Ball Ring may help you to achieve longer-lasting, stronger erections. Crafted from body-safe, medical-grade silicone, you can expand your sexual experience and your partners too.

Mio Cock Ring

Mio Vibrating Cock Ring

Using the Mio Vibrating Cock Ring may help you enjoy stronger erections. This sex toy for men stretches to fit all shapes and sizes and will keep you harder, bigger, and more aroused for much longer.

Metal Penis Ring

The Malesation Metal Penis Ring features a double-whammy design that’s ergonomic and innovative. The nickel-free stainless steel penis ring is very aesthetically appealing and resistant to corrosion.

Enjoy the different types of cock rings. Use more than one to give yourself a real squeeze or stretch. One cock ring is never enough!

Add to the fun

Sometimes, our penises don’t work the way we want them to. Maintaining an erection gets tricky, and even if we’re massively aroused, there’s a failure to lift off. Or, perhaps you’re just curious about what life with a thicker, longer penis would be like? If this sounds like you, extension sleeves may be just what the love doctor ordered. Find out why extension sleeves kick off our Ultimate Guide To Sex Toys For Men.

Xtend Boy Sleeve

The Xtend Boy Reversible Penis Sleeve lets you think big, making you 30% longer and wider. The fully reversible tantalising textured ribs add extra sensation when going solo and can be turned around for shared pleasure.

Invader Cocksheath

Invader Cocksheath

Go harder for longer with the Invader Cocksheath Oxballs open-ended sheath. Complete with wavy ripples along the shaft and texture on the inside, this extender is designed to maximise stimulation.

Realistic Penis Sleeve

Clear Realistic Penis Sleeve

Tom of Finland’s Clear Realistic Penis Sleeve has something for everyone, with texture nubs inside to provide the ultimate stimulation. Your partner will also appreciate it when you penetrate them. This sleeve is larger than life, with a shaft measuring 17.8 cm long and 6.35 cm in diameter.

Fantasy Fulfilling

You may know that fleshlights can add something extra to masturbation because they feel more like sex. As our guide to men’s sex toys will reveal, there are many different types available, all of which allow you to control the level of stimulation:

Janice Griffith Fleshligh

Fleshlight Girls

The Janice Griffith fleshlight features a beautifully medium-toned sleeve that matches this popular adult film star’s pussy perfectly. It throws a combination of tantalising pleasure points within its chamber into the mix and will envelop your penis in heavenly rings and shafts.

Brebt Corrigan Fleshjack Fleshlight

Fleshjack Boys

Referred to by many as Canada’s hottest export, the Brent Corrigan fleshlight will allow you to experience this Adonis in the comfort of your own home. This gorgeous tool is one of the highlights of our sex toy guide for men.

Quickshot Vantage Fleshlight

Quickshot Vantage

The first thing you’ll notice when you look at the Quickshot Vantage Fleshlight is the fact that it’s transparent. The clarity and shape mean that it behaves like a convex lens, making whatever you put inside it look that much bigger and better. If visual pleasure is one of your turn-ons, this is the fleshlight for you.

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Feel The Fullness

Anal plugs are for everyone! Feelings of intense fullness like no other add to the most intense orgasm you will ever experience.

With Masturbators

As good as it feels, masturbation has several other benefits too!

It’s good for your health, can lower your risk of contracting certain diseases, boosts your satisfaction during sex, and allows you to last longer. Even if you’re having sex regularly, you should still be indulging in a little solo play now and then, and masturbators can add a whole new dimension to the experience. Naturally, the Ultimate Guide To Sex Toys For Men features some high-end gadgets in this category.

Alex Neo Thrusting Male Masturbator

Alex Neo Thrusting Male Masturbator

This cutting-edge masturbator takes technology to the next level with in-app functions. The Alex Neo Thrusting Male Masturbator has been designed with the male anatomy in mind and offers ideal length and texture, no matter what your size.

Shop the Lovense Max 2 Male Masturbator Online | Matilda's

Max Automated Male Masturbator

The Lovense Max 2 is the next step in male masturbators, providing a pleasurable and multi-sensation sleeve to deliver toe-curling moments for solo play or with your partner. The Max 2 now has an improved sleeve, 360-degree contractions, and a redesigned vibrator. This Hand-free Masturbator interacts with VR. Making your fantasies come true with any Virtual Woman you want!

Penis Enlargement

It’s something we’ve all thought about at one point or another. Now, you can experiment in private with penis enlargement tools as you work your way through Matildas guide to men’s sex toys.

Before you get going, it’s important that you know a bit more about the two different types of enlargers:

  • Penis Pumps: When you use items like the Special Penis Pump Malesation, you’re increasing the flow of blood to your penis. This may help you achieve or maintain your erection and you could also gain some extra length.
  • Penis Extenders: For the uninitiated, penis extenders are mechanical traction devices that stretch your member while it’s in its flaccid state. The goal is to stretch your penis, adding to its length in the long run.

Premium Penis Extender

Men’s Locker’s Premium Penis Extender features gold-plated, original extension rods as well as three comfort pads.

Male Edge Penis Enlarger

Male Edge Penis Enlarger Extra

If you’re looking to increase the size of your penis, in terms of length and girth, then the Male Edge Penis Enlarger Extra should be on your shopping list.

Perineum Play

Matilda's would like to invite all our male readers to an adventure into unexplored territory! Perineum Orgasms are real - and they are incredible! If you didnt know, your Perenium is a nerve-rich pleasure center with massive orgasmic potential. You just need the right toy to stimulate and taint-tilise.

Prepare yourself for pleasure you've only dreamed of…until now.

Benedict Double Ring

Benedict Double Ring

Flexible yet form-fitting, the stretchy pleasure the Benedict Double Ring Perineum Stimulator delivers will leave your knees weak. This little gadget packs quite the punch, so prepare for some truly blissful stimulation.

Verge Vibration Love Ring We-Vibe

Verge Vibrating Love Ring

Think of the Verge Vibrating Love Ring as a high-quality cock ring with the ability to deliver some pretty powerful vibrations. Worn around the penis and testicles, it’s perfect for pleasuring yourself or with your partner.

Diamo Vibrating Penis Ring

Diamo Vibrating Ring

The Lovense Diamo Vibrating Cock Ring features a remote control along with its smooth ring and comfortable fit. Take advantage of a harder erection that lasts longer when you use this external extendable cock ring. And get ready to turn it all the way up!

that gets you going

We hope our Sex Toys For Men: The Ultimate Guide has been enlightening and exciting. There are so many ways to enhance your climax and enjoy the journey there, and sex toys for men are all about adding to the fun.

Whether you’re in a relationship or committed to getting to know yourself while flying solo, Matildas has all the toys you need. From cock rings to extenders, prostate massagers and anal toys, there’s a toy that will tickle your fancy. Don’t be shy. Indulge yourself or treat your partner to new sensations - after all, you’ll never regret finding true pleasure.

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