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We're always on the hunt for the latest sex toys, helping you find the newest toys to try. There are always new toys and products on the market. Sex-toy creators are indeed creative beings! Some toys are entirely new and different (so there is never an excuse to be bored), while others are new and improved versions of time-tested favourites. As always, we only feature the best of the best. We stock only high-quality, body-safe adult products. Our aim is to keep your sex life super-sexy, so we are serious about constantly updating our collections with the latest products.

Brand new sex toys online. Here at Matilda's, we search far and wide to bring you the best quality toys on the market. We believe that sex toys play a hugely important role in your pleasure as well as your overall health. With this in mind, we know that new toys are always important to give you even more variety. Our latest arrivals have something for everyone, including beginners. We often bring in new toys. Keep an eye on this collection to see what's new in the Matilda's store and who knows... you may just find your new favourite toy!

Stock up your toy box with the latest arrivals. Say goodbye to the same old toys and hello to juicy new toys that take your pleasure to the next level. We've sourced high and low to find products that we know will bring you loads of fun. Ideal for solo play or for couple's play, our latest male sex toys are a must-try. Just like all our current products, you can expect a high level of quality. We choose products that meet our stringent guidelines for quality. We also like to 'test drive' our new arrivals so that we can honestly say they rock.

Find something new to spice things up. The amazing thing about sex (solo or otherwise) is that there are always ways to mix things up. One way to do this is to try new toys. We look for new arrivals that bring you intense pleasure in new and exciting ways. This will make sure that you're never stuck in a rut in the bedroom. Stock up your toy collection with something you've never tried before and who knows... you may just find a new favourite! Browse our latest arrivals right now to buy new sex toys for men online at Matilda's.