Matilda's Sex Toys for Couples

Sex Toys for Couples


Discover an enticing collection of intimate pleasure tools meticulously crafted for couples to revel in the exploration of each other's desires. Our diverse selection of sex toys for couples includes app-controlled and remote-operated toys, as well as an array of tantalizing options such as cock rings, strap-ons, and double dildos. Elevate your shared moments with our ultimate couples' sex toys, meticulously designed to enhance intimacy and amplify pleasure between partners.



LovenseNora | Rabbit Vibrator
1 review
Sale priceR 3,099 Regular priceR 3,299
LovenseOsci 2 | Oscillating G-Spot Vibrator
No reviews
Sale priceR 2,599 Regular priceR 2,699
PicoBongRemoji Lifeguard | Ring Vibrator
No reviews
Sale priceR 1,995 Regular priceR 2,599
We-VibeChorus | Couples Vibrator
No reviews
Sale priceFrom R 3,399 Regular priceR 4,799
Rocks-OffTwo-Vibe | Flexible Pleasure Vibe
1 review
Sale priceR 1,399 Regular priceR 1,999

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