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Rabbit Vibrators

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Enjoy double the fun, inside and out with our selection of rabbit vibrators. These legendary vibrators are all about dual stimulation. They provide internal stimulation (G-spot) and external stimulation (clitoral) at the same time, which result in pretty incredible orgasms. And these powerful pleasure-bringers have come a long way since they first were invented. With a range of different shapes, lengths and amazing vibration patterns, today's rabbits are of a far higher quality and standard. We've gathered the best of the best for you to find one that hits all the right spots.

Behold the mighty rabbit vibrator! Made famous by Sex and the City, rabbits have been around a lot longer. This toy is unlike any other. Combining the power of G-spot vibrators and the pleasure of clitoral vibrators, rabbits give you intense vibes inside and out. The result is the type of orgasms that turn solo play into something like no other. Experiment with settings and speeds and you'll soon be gasping for more.

Enjoy double the intensity. Most women do not orgasm through penetration alone. Clitoral orgasms are amazing and G-spot orgasms are even more amazing. With a rabbit, you get double the fun and double the intensity. Imagine your best orgasm and then multiply it by 10, 20 or more, and you'll start seeing why this dual stimulator vibrator has become one of the most sought-after, favourite vibrators on earth.

Styles, sizes and settings for every mood. Prefer your vibrators small and subtle? We've got you covered. Looking for something with texture for more intensity? We've got those in store, too. We've also got wave rabbits, triple rabbits that add anal play to the mix and many, many others. These classic toys are ideal for solo play. They can also be used for mutual masturbation – a huge turn on for sure. Shop rabbit vibrators online now!