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Spread The Love Bar

Whether you’re a bondage beginner or a naughty know-it-all that loves to push BDSM boundaries, the Spread the Love Bar caters for every experience level. This 38cm long spreader features 4 adjustable restraints that dare you to be as creatively kinky as you can. You can restrain ankles or wrists – or a selection of both for personalised pleasure.

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The Spread the Love Bar by Sex & Mischief is perfect for keeping subs in check. The cuffs feature a Velcro restraint fastening and are easy to get on and off for spontaneous play. The 38cm bar is sturdy and covered in Nylon for greater comfort. The 4 cuffs are flexible and adjustable and you’ll quickly find your perfect pleasure combination when it comes to introductory kink or expert bondage play. For beginner play, restrain the ankles to the inner cuffs, or the outer cuffs for a wider spread. You can also use the spreader bar on wrists only. For more advanced play, try restraining the ankles with the outer cuffs and then the wrists with the inner cuffs. This position leaves your sub totally exposed and at your mercy. The Spread the Love Bar is designed to keep your sub secure but comfortable, allowing you to play for as long as you like. This bondage accessory is a versatile piece and is designed to advance with you as you become more comfortable in your role as fetish pro.

Please note that the bar is NOT adjustable, only the cuffs.


  • Perfect for Bondage Play
  • Comfortable
  • 4 x Adjustable Cuffs
  • Strong & Sturdy Bar


Contents 1 x Spreader Bar
Material No
Size 38cm Spreader Bar

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