Prostate Tips: Solving the Mystery of the Male P-Spot

Prostate Tips: Solving the Mystery of the Male P-Spot

Few people know what the P-Spot is, where it is, or what it does.  Let us enlighten you right now...
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That Goes Where!?

Everyone knows about the glorious female G-Spot thanks to the availability of countless sex toys and guides on how to locate and stimulate a girl's pleasure point. However, when it comes to its counterpart, the male P-Spot, few people have any idea of those mysteries. Many think a male orgasm is limited to the rubbing and tugging of his manhood and are ignorant of the prostate's love of stimulation. It is, therefore, time to unveil the riddle of the excitable and manly P-Spot!

In a nutshell, the P-Spot is the male version of the female G-Spot. Similar to the G-Spot, it can be elusive, but when you do locate it, you'll have the secret to mind-blowing orgasms for your man. We offer multiple fabulous prostate massagers (e.g. the Aneros brand) & other male sex toys explicitly for stirring up anal attention.

Tracking Down the Prostate

Most men like having their perineum stimulated. (The sensitive spot between their crown jewels and anuses.) To do this, apply some lube to the toy or your finger and gently massage his anus in a circular motion. Press down several times to add little bursts of sudden pressure. Once you feel he is fully relaxed, gently penetrate his behind with your finger (being sure your nails do not interfere). Probe slowly and gently as the tissue around the rectum is delicate and extremely sensitive. When you detect a slight, chestnut-sized lump about two inches in, you have arrived!

Stimulating the P-erpetrator

Most men thoroughly enjoy P-Spot stimulation, but their preferred methods vary per individual. For some, a thrusting action is effective, whilst for others, intense and consistent pressure on the prostate guarantees their orgasms. A combination of techniques may also send other men into delirium. Please be conscious of using the best-quality anal toys on the market because you do not want to mess with such a hyper-sensitive area.

When stimulating the P-Spot, patience is paramount for success. All memorable backdoor play results from taking your time and administering gentle persuasion. Ensure your man is comfortable and able to savour the anticipation. If you do, and you use a reputed tool, you will coerce him effortlessly into orgasms of merit.

Anal Ammunition

Whilst the finger - sometimes the tongue - is sufficient for first-time anal explorers, others find male sex toys a delightful (if not vital) addition. Anal probes or butt plugs are renowned for prostate and perineum stimulation. There are toys for all preferences, so take your pick and discover an unchartered prowess over the male anatomy. Unite his P-Spot with your chosen tool, and you have him him wrapped around your little finger!