Prostate Tips: Solving the Mystery of the Male P-Spot

Prostate Tips: Solving the Mystery of the Male P-Spot

When you mention the P-spot, eyes glaze over and question marks riddle the brain.
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That Goes Where?

Everyone knows about the glorious female G-spot. There are countless sex toys and endless articles on how to locate and stimulate a girl's pleasure point. However, when you mention the P-spot, eyes glaze over and question marks riddle the brain. Some gifted folks know the ins and outs of prostate stimulation, but for most, the male orgasm is a matter of rubbing and tugging his manhood. It's time to unveil the mysteries of the elusive and manly P-spot.

Simply put, the P-spot (AKA male G-spot ) is the male version of the female G-spot. Similarly to the G-spot, it can take some time, determination and patience to find the P-spot but once you do, you'll be able to give your man the mind-blowing orgasms he deserves. There are also a myriad of fabulous prostate massagersĀ (like the Aneros brand) & male sex toys designed for just this type of anal stimulation.

A Tough Case to Crack: Tracking Down theĀ Prostate

A lot of guys like having their perineum (the sensitive bit between the crown jewels and the anus) stimulated. While you're gently grazing this erotic area, apply some lube and gently circle the anus. Press down several times, adding a little pressure each time. Once you're ready and you feel that he is fully relaxed, gently penetrate his bum with your finger (make sure your nails are clipped). Take care to probe slowly and gently since the tissue of rectum walls is delicate and sensitive. Once you feel a small, chestnut sized bump, about two inches inward, you have found the almighty P-spot!

Stimulating the P-erpetrator

While most men thoroughly enjoy P-spot stimulation, which method they prefer varies individually. For some, thrusting action is effective while for others, intense and consistent pressure on the prostate will ensure explosive orgasms. A combination of techniques may also send your man skyrocketing! Look out for some of the top quality vibrating anal toys such as the Bad Boy Prostate Massager- simply out of this world!

When you're simulating the P-spot, is the other P-word, patience, is absolutely necessary. Any successful backdoor play requires some time and gentle prodding. You want to make sure that your man is totally comfortable and able to enjoy his impending ecstatic orgasm. With the right product, his perineum will feel delicious waves of stimulation while the prostate revels in intense sensations.

Anal Ammunition

While the finger - or even the tongue - is plenty for first time anal explorers, male sex toys are also a fun option. Anal probes or butt plugs are awesome options for prostate and perineum stimulation. There are anal toys for both pros and amateurs, so pick your weapon and show-off your new found knowledge of the male anatomy. He'll be like putty in your hands once he experiences your ability to please his P-spot!