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Silicone Penis Cage

Keeping your partner under lock and key has never been kinkier. This set includes 2 pelvic rings, a brass padlock, 2 keys, 5 numbered plastic locks, 2 adjustable belts and 2 Nylon locking pins. The cock cage is made from a number of sections that slot into place, each adding even more limitation. This silicone penis cage by Malesation does justice to advanced genital restraint.


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This cock cage is the complete package. The Small measures 8.8cm in length and 3.5cm in diameter and the Large measures 11cm in length and 3.5cm in diameter. You can completely customize the fit using the pelvic rings, setting your preferred restriction level with the belts and pins. The restraint is safe but extremely secure and he won’t be able to let himself out without your permission. This cage gives you masterful control of your man even when you’re not around, as you can lock him up and leave him. (The numbered locks will catch out any budding Houdinis!)


  • Soft & Flexible
  • Customizable Fit
  • Adjustable Restriction Level
  • Safe But Extremely Secure
  • Have Complete Control fo Your Man


Contents 1 x Penis Cage | 1 x Brass Security Lock | 2 x Keys | 2 x Pelvic Rings | 5 x Numbered Plastic Locks | 2 x Adjustable Belts | 2 x Plastic Pins
Speed No Vibration
Stimulation Penis
Type For Him
Waterfriendly Splashproof
Size Small: 8.8cm X 3.5cm | Large: 11cm X 3.5cm | Ring Diameters: 4cm & 4.4cm
Material High Quality Silicone
Powersource None

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