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Erotic Adult Games: Up Your Foreplay!

Erotic Adult Games: Up Your Foreplay!

November 25, 2018

The couple that plays together stays together, Right? Yes – adding a bit of play into your sex life can only make it healthier and happier. Sex doesn’t have to be a serious activity.
Spanking: Get Over My Knee

Spanking: Get Over My Knee

September 30, 2016

It’s all a question of whether you’re just trying to generate a little heat, or you’re really trying to get that stinging sensation. We recommend sticking with the cupped hand version, especially to start with.
Friskier Foreplay with Erotic Games

Erotic Games for Friskier Foreplay

August 16, 2016

You might have heard that old saying ‘the couple that plays (erotic games) together, stays together’. We’re firm believers that adding a little play improves everyone’s lives.

Is Sexting Safe? Ask Mbongomuffin

Ask Mbongomuffin: Is Sexting Safe?

June 01, 2016

Sexting is a form of foreplay – something that can be a complete hit or miss. A lot of people believe they’re bad at sexting, and more often than not those who truly believe that they’re great at it aren’t. Ever had someone send you messages that are meant to steam things up but instead turn you off completely?
When He Comes First

When He Comes First

August 05, 2015

It can be a bit of a disappointment if he rolls over and starts snoring just when you’re hitting that last haul to heavenly pleasure.
6 Ways to Love your Partner from Head to Toe

6 Ways to Love Your Partner from Head to Toe

November 01, 2014

There are a number of other yummy areas that you can stimulate that will make you partner feel really good.

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