How Does Zapper work

Pay quickly and safely.

With modern technology, there are always new and beautiful ways to pay for your goodies. Zapper has enabled you to make faster, easier, and safer ways to pay. With a quick scan from your Smartphone, you can pay for your favorite toys from Matildas. Here's How


How to pay with Zapper?

So you have been shopping on our website and found all the fun things. It's time to pay for the fun vibes. How do you do that with Zapper? Simple. Once you click checkout on the website, fill in your delivery info and continue to the payment page. Select the Zapper option on the payment page and click complete order.

Quickly grab your smartphone and open the Zapper App. When you are ready to pay, tap the "Scan" button on your smartphone.

If you do not have Zapper on your phone, you can download the app from any of the below:

AppGallery Zapper™ Payments & Rewards Zapper™ Payments & Rewards

Scanning the QR Code

So you've selected Zapper to pay. You have opened your Zapper App on your Smartphone. You have tapped the 'Scan' button, and you get an odd scan box. What's Next

Where do I find the QR Code?

The QR code will pop up on your laptop screen. Simply aim your camera, so the QR Code displays on your Smartphone screen, and it will automatically scan the QR Code for you. Shazaam! You are one step closer to paying with Zapper.

Zapper QR Codes on Various Devices


What am I Looking At?

Your total bill amount will appears at the top of the screen.

We are always running various promotions. As soon as one is up, you will get a notification that there is one Voucher to use in your "gift box." So don't forget to check now and then for fantastic savings.

What is Next

All you have to do is tap 'Pay.' You will see the screen say " please wait while we process your payment..." this can take several seconds to process. When all is in order, a confirmation screen will pop up saying done, Yay! You will also get a confirmation email from Zapper confirming your payment as well.

Zapper Q&A