Bringing kink into the Bedroom

Bringing Kink into the Bedroom

We're here to take you whip in hand (tee hee) step by step towards the subtle nuances and intricacies of introducing kink into your relationship.

Bending the Rules with Bedroom Bondage

So you're in love? The world is a happier place and you don't really want to rock the boat - BUT you have a secret. You have a deep yearning for a something a little off beat in the bedroom. You've tried to ignore those sexy little thoughts, resisted the leather belt as he flings it on the floor after a hard day at the office- but you can't keep it in any longer. KINK is what you want! So now you ask yourself - OMG what if he /or she thinks I'm a freak and I send my one true love running for the hills? Fear not. We're here to take you, whip in hand (tee hee), step by step towards the subtle nuances and intricacies of introducing kink into your relationship.

So You Want to be a Dominatrix?

This is not the hardest sell to most men - "You want me to lie on the floor and do nothing whilst you seduce and tease me?" 


That's the sound of your man collapsing on his back awaiting your demands. As easy as it sounds some men are traditionalists.

If you bust out with ball gags a' blazing with no forewarning, your man may get a fright. We suggest taking it slow at first (keep those electrical anal plugs aside for another time). To start, try adding some light bondage accessories into your foreplay routine - i.e. satin restraints at first, then work toward the more hardcore leather style cuffs.

Bring in a novelty whip and try out some playful test whacks to see how he reacts to some light spanking.

Start experimenting with light bondage gear and see if it gets his motor revving. Does the sight of his lady in skin-tight vinyl get him aroused? If so, there's a good chance he'll be responsive to the naughtier accessories like leather collars, wrist-cuffs, and leashes. (Please don't use Fido's old leash - some things are just far too kinky even for us!)

Not Sure How He'll Feel About Being Bossed Around?

Try some playful dirty talk.

Start switching roles if he normally takes the lead. Throw in some instructions every so often, tell him where you want to be touched and if he's eager to please, then next time start making those instructions a little sterner.

Sooner than later your inner dominatrix will be free to unleash her strict and sexy style. When it comes to introducing bondage toys into the bedroom always start slow and never do anything without making absolutely certain you partner is ready and willing to indulge in these fantasies.

Penis style ball gags may not be everyone's cup of tea. Bring in the blindfolds and fluffy cuffs before making plans with the more hardcore paraphernalia. Most importantly, take your partner's needs and desires into consideration. These may be your fantasies, but for a truly out-of-this-world experience, you both need to be on the same page.