Best Practice For Sex Toy Hygiene

Best Practices for Sex Toy Hygiene

So, if you want to keep those heavenly orgasms going then cleanliness is non-negotiable. For all you need to know and for all the things you've yet to learn - read on!
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Cleanliness, as it is said, is close to godliness.

So, if you want to keep those heavenly orgasms going then cleanliness is non-negotiable. For all you need to know and for all the things you've yet to learn about cleaning your sex toys - read on!

Moisture provides bacteria with the perfect environment in which to thrive so it is crucial to keep both you and your toys in good health. Some sex toy materials are porous which means that they are absorbent. It is strongly recommended that you read the technical info that comes with your toy so that you have a better understanding of what you have in your hands. “Is sex dirty? Yes, if it’s done right…” - Woody Allen

There is the wrong way and then, there is the right way. Here's how:

You've flung the pillows across the room, your clothes are scattered all over the place and you're resting all aglow and breathless with your partner following some rather epic toy playtime. A quick dash to the bathroom, a quick splash over the toy and its rammed into that secret drawer until next time. What you don't know however is that while the toy quietly waits for the next time, it's doing so in a rather funky state.

Although a "hey it looks clean so it must be clean" approach works for a white shirt, don't assume that the same applies to your sex toys. It is recommended that you wash your toys with warm water and a (very) mild soap.

Once done with the splashing, dry the toy with a lint free cloth or allow to air dry properly. We know you will all agree that body hygiene is critical and no one likes anything untoward going with their nether regions. So, keep it fresh, not funky!

DO NOT even think about using talcum powder or baby powder to hurry up drying time. Unless you are more than happy to put your most intimate of areas in a perpetual state of irritation! Trying to find discreet ways to have a quick scratch or master a swagger like John Wayne is just not sexy!

Toy Cleaner should be in your bathroom cabinet. Choose a recommended brand like Pjur. With so many adult sex toys made from various materials, cleaning them can seem a bit tricky.

Some materials are slightly porous which means your little wand of bliss can and will absorb odours and fluids from the body. If not cleaned properly, the bacteria left on the toy will result in the aforementioned John Wayne swagger.

Simply put, it can irritate your skin and you will feel miserable for it. For this reason, some bright people came up with the idea of producing toy friendly, antibacterial cleaners, sprays and fleeces to help all of us maintain our toys longevity and feel, and, happily, it's also good to your body. We've done the research and saved you a trip to the doctor with the "I have no idea how THAT happened" drama class.