The Ultimate Sex Toy Cleaning Guide

The Ultimate Sex Toy Cleaning Guide

Adult toys are the greatest thing for sex since the discovery of the G-Spot. But, as with everything valuable, they need to be looked after. For your sake and theirs. Our Sex Toy Cleaning and Storage Guide will point you in the right direction.

Following a strict toy-cleaning regime is essential. Poor hygiene can lead to infections and spread STIs and STDsFortunately, keeping your little pals germ-free is easy, thanks to the right products and methods.

The Process of Cleaning Your Toys

First, Determine What Material Your Toy Is Made of - Porous or Non-porous

You might think you can simply dunk a sex toy into soapy water and be done with it, but it’s a little more involved than that. For starters, most sex toys are made from one of two types of materials: porous and nonporous.

Porous materials are more difficult to clean because they have minute holes that happily harbour bacteria, fungi, and other horrible ickies. To identify them, look for words like rubber, thermoplastic rubber (TPR, sometimes called “skin-safe rubber”), thermoplastic elastomer (TRE, also sometimes referred to as “skin-safe rubber”), jelly rubber, latex, and Sensafirm.

Non-porous toys are safer in terms of cleaning and sterilisation. Look for medical-grade silicone, Pyrex, glass, and stainless steel. These are safest to use, especially if you’re sharing sex toys with someone. Cleaning shared toys demands extra diligence as you risk spreading STIs and STDs to each other with unclean goods.

To determine the material of your toy, check its packaging or search online.

TIP RE POROUS TOYS: Since they are more challenging to clean, porous sex toys should be saved for solitary play or used with condoms in duo play. Actually, it’s best to use quality condoms on whatever toys you use. This reduces the risk of infection and makes clean-up so much easier. Just be sure to use a condom-safe, water-based lube if you are a lube fan.

Poor toy hygiene standards can lead to irritation, infections and STDs.

How to Clean Your Toys

When rinsing motorised toys, do not submerge the motors in water or solvent. This can damage them. Instead, wipe them down with a cloth and just a little mild, soapy water.

Instead, wipe them down with a cloth and just a little mild, soapy water.

If your toys are porous (rubber, TPR, TRE, jelly rubber, latex, or Sensafirm), use just a little soapy, warm water. Too much soap can damage the sensitive material, so be careful. As it’s more challenging to clean porous materials, consider wrapping them in condoms before use, especially if you're a twosome.

If your toys are non-porous (silicone, glass, stainless steel, or wood, for e.g.), you're safe with a dedicated toy cleaner or a mild antibacterial soap. Apply a fair amount of the cleaner to the toy, then wipe it (the product) with a damp cloth. For a deep cleanse, these knick-knacks can be placed in boiling water for up to ten minutes or run through the dishwasher without detergent for a good ‘steam clean’.

If you’re using leather sex toys, pay extra attention to their cleaning. Leather is highly porous, quickly absorbs moisture, and is susceptible to germs and mildew. So be super diligent when disinfecting and cleaning this type of toy. Before cleaning, disinfect the leather by wiping it with a clean, dry cloth dabbed with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Then, wipe it with a soft cloth dipped in mildly soapy, warm water. Your toy can then be left to air dry. P.S.Never steep leather in water! 

Once your toys are clean, use a clean towel to dry them off or leave them to air dry. Ensure they are completely dry before storing them again because damp toys attract mould and bacteria. Nothing destroys your sexual crescendo, like discovering your major player has turned green since the last time you saw it!

Cleaning Materials for Your Toys

Before using your toys, have a suitable cleaner ready. The type of material of the toy determines the type of cleaner to use. If considering a wash, choose one that is mild and unscented. Harsh soaps can damage and erode them, and fragrances can cause irritation and infection when reused.

For most sex toys, a mild hand soap will do the job just fine. But, to ensure you keep your toys and yourself in the best condition, purpose-built cleaning products are best. Most high-grade sex toy cleaners are affordable and efficient.

How Often to Clean Sex Toys

It goes without saying that you should clean your toys after every use. Wipe them down, then wash and dry them according to the product's instructions. Clean them even more diligently if you share toys.

Be super astute and wash your adult toys before use as well. Even though they are stored away, they can still be exposed to dust, lint, mites, etc.

Store With Care 

How you store your sex toys matters! Simply shoving them into your bedside drawer is not the best solution. Try to allocate a dedicated nook for them, one that is cool, dry, and clean.

Your toys should be stored in individual protective cases or silk bags inside that allocated corner. These safeguard them from damage, dust, and bacteria whilst not in use. Most toys come in just such a bag or box, but if not, there are plenty of options online. Look for containers that serve the purpose, have zips, velcro seals, or metal/plastic clasps, and are washable. 

Remember to Have (Safe) Fun

Cleaning and storing your sex toy collection properly will save you problems and your money and allow you to enjoy them worry-free. Having the toys and being in the mood is important on your road to the Land of Ecstasy, but without cleanliness, you are going nowhere!