Say YES to Better Sex

Say YES to Better Sex

It really is no wonder that YES lubricants and vaginal moisturisers are so widely recommended by health care professionals like myself and are even available on NHS prescription in the UK.

Why it’s a Yes for YES products. 

Lulu Becker, a pelvic floor specialist Physiotherapist explains why vaginal dryness occurs and why she recommends the YES products.

The first I heard of YES lubricants was via a special interest Facebook group I belong to. Someone asked for advice on a product to recommend their client, and there was a resounding yes for YES in the comments. A quick search almost 5 years later, confirms that in the international pelvic floor physiotherapy sphere, YES remains the most widely recommended lubricant.

Around half of my work in a week as a pelvic floor Physio involves treating women who are struggling with discomfort during sex.  One of the biggest causes of painful sex in the women I see, is vaginal dryness. So I was delighted to be asked to contribute this article discussing vaginal dryness and one of my favourite brands and products, YES.

It’s no secret that a woman needs to be ‘turned on’ and psychologically on board to enjoy sex. This excitement causes an increase in blood flow to the genitals, which increases vaginal lubrication. But as many of you reading this already know, you can be fully engaged mentally; and still feel too dry down there to enjoy sex.

But what causes dryness? A reduction in our vagina’s natural ‘wetness’ or lubrication is most commonly seen with hormonal fluctuations. This typically happens when oestregen is low.  A Harvard Medical school article explains “Loss of oestrogen decreases blood flow to the vagina, causing vaginal tissue to become thinner, drier, and less elastic”.  We tend to be depleted of oestregen when we are post partum and breastfeeding, and again as we approach and enter menopause.  Medications such as hormonal birth control pills and anti depressants can also have an impact. Women are now living for longer after menopause than ever before.  Which also means that the female population is now having sex for longer.  Thanks to vaginal lubricants and mositurisers for those who struggle with dryness, ladies are now able to enjoy more sex, more often in their later years.

With more and more evidence indicating that toxins from our environment and skin care products can enter our bodies, the need for good quality non toxic lubricant options (in cancer survivors especially) isn’t only helpful, it’s essential.

Working in the very important business of helping women to have enjoyable intercourse, I talk about lube a lot.  And the lack of knowledge in my clients surrounding lubricant options and their ingredients is surprising. While many of the women I treat are very conscious of their dietary choices and more and more of them are switching to more natural skin care and household products; very few are paying any attention to what they are putting inside their vaginas (arguably the most sensitive mucosal lining of all).  Truth be told, our vagina’s are really not that fond of man made products. Being naturally self cleaning, they don’t need (or want) any of the soaps, sprays or douching products that are commercially available. Which is why it’s so incredibly important that when using a lubricant, it’s as natural and chemical free as possible.

With a chemical-free list of lovely ingredients, this water based lubricant is a friendly bedroom pick.

Thankfully in 2003, the YES team realised this and decided to do something about it.  After selling their houses to fund their endeavour, they began to research, develop and manufacture a product that was chemical free and certified organic, and YES intimate products were born. When describing their early product development said: “An analysis of competitors’ ingredients horrified us. We found that almost every other intimate care product available followed a similar, derivative synthetic formulation. This made us determined to offer pure and high performing alternatives, which would enhance, rather than compromise, intimate health”.

We know that our bodies can absorb chemicals such as parabens that are found in skin care products.  The fact that the vagina, mouth and tip of the penis have no protective outer skin layer, means they are even more vulnerable to taking in harmful toxins from products.

It’s not only the ingredients list in the YES products that make me recommend them over and over again. The products just work so well.  But to focus on the ingredients for a moment: They are free from hidden synthetic chemicals and free from all known mucosal irritants. The ingredients are plant based and the plants selected are known to be beneficial for the skin and mucosa.  They don’t contain any petrochemicals or parabens (which have been linked to cancer concerns) or any glycerine/glycerol which can causes thrush outbreaks.  

None of my clients have ever had an allergic or sensitive reaction to YES, and consistently report improved day to day comfort from the mosturisers, and reduced discomfort in the bedroom from their lubricants. They also don’t leave any white residue in the vagina or on the underwear which a number of my clients have found frustrating with other products.  

I use YES in my clinic when doing internal pelvic floor examinations and it was YES lubricant that my own pelvic floor Physio sent me home with.  So from me, in both a personal and a professional capacity, all these years after first discovering the products, it’s still a big yes for the wonderful YES products!

Lulu Becker is a Pelvic Health specialist Physiotherapist and yoga teacher, based in La Lucia in Durban. She treats women, men and children who are struggling with urinary and faecal incontinence, bed wetting and pain in the pelvis.  You can find her online at or on social media. Facebook: @Lulu Physiotherapy  and Instagram: @luluphysio