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Your Sex Guide to Adult Games

  • 3 min read

Add spark with these 5 erotic game ideas!

When you’ve been with a person for a while, sex can become a little… the same. You get to know each other and each other’s bodies so well, that sex can fall into a routine. Which is why we would recommend you do your best to keep things interesting and fun by introducing new elements of play to your bedroom. Erotic games are a great way to do this. Let’s take a look at a few adult games that will get you in the mood!

“Just as the same meal gets boring over the years, so does the same sexual routine… That’s why you’ve got to change the routine up, add spice to it…” –

Yep, it’s important to make an effort in the bedroom department, people! You’ve got to keep tending the garden to keep it weed free and flourishing. Adding sex games to your bedroom repertoire is a great way to do this. Here, we look at the top 5 games you can try to make sex great again!

Sex Apps

Ah, what would we do without mobile apps? Especially when apps like HoniiKamasutraOhMiBod and Kindu exist. These genius creations allow players to do a variety of things: from controlling vibrators, tracking orgasms and learning new sex positions to sending sexy dares, taking quizzes and talking dirty. These foreplay apps will pretty much turn your smartphone from a sex toy into one of your most favourite sex toys. We like!

Role Play

This is always a winning way to bring the fun and excitement back into your sex life. It doesn’t matter the characters you choose, pretending to be someone else is actually quite exhilarating. Feel like acting sexy is a little too much for you? Feel you may get embarrassed and die laughing? This beginner’s guide to role play may help! Plus, check out our range of fantasy lingerie and latex costumes to really get into character! Think sexy nurse, naughty police officer and bad, bad French maid!

Time Bomb

Most of us have foreplay down to a science, or routine. Which is perfectly reasonable seeing as we are all so busy all the time. But that does make things a little predictable and this game will help remind you of all the fun to be had before the actual deed. Agree on an amount of time, set the alarm clock and tease each other with kissing, touching and other forms of foreplay only, until the buzzer goes off. You'll love how slowing down changes things. You get really creative and really turned on. On your marks, get set, GO!

The Fantasy Bowl

Every day, for five days you and your partner should write down a secret fantasy on a piece of paper. Something you haven’t ever shared before. Place the secret fantasy in a bowl and build the anticipation by watching the paper collection grow. On the weekend, shuffle the folded bits of paper, and pick one. Then it’s time to try out said fantasy. Each of you must agree to no judgement and to total acceptance of the fantasy, and giving it a try! Next week, repeat process! How fun does that sound?

Sex Dice

It’s simple and it’s super fun! Get a pair of sex dice (our Kinky Dice Games are great), and simply throw and follow instructions! One die indicates a sensuous body part, and the other a delicious action. With one, quick throw; you’ll be doing some very, very fun things, in some very, very different places.

At Matildas, we have a range of other fun and exciting games for you to try. The point is to keep your sex life fun and flourishing by spending the time and energy to keep the spark alive!