A Practical guide to G-Spot Stimulation

A Practical Guide to G-Spot Stimulation

Ladies, locating your G-Spot is not always instant – sometimes it takes a good few attempts to find the little devil, but once you have, there is no going back.
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The G-Spot Crash-Course

Experience Awesome G-Spot Orgasms

If you haven't been experiencing enough mind-numbing G-spot action - or orgasms - these few tips to make your sex life epic will surely help.

Let's start at the beginning: G-spots are exclusively female! Men don't have such luxuries. They have their own notorious P-spots. A G-spot is about 4 or 5 cm inside the vaginal opening, almost up against the pelvic bone.
As our bodies differ, your G-spot reactions could differ from those of other ladies. But one thing that you share is that a G-spot orgasm is not a "one-click" scenario. It takes practice and coercion, but once the technique is mastered, orgasms are literally unavoidable!

Easy Steps for G-Spot Climax

  1. Communicate with your partner (if there is one). Chat and discuss until you both understand and locate all the buttons.
  2. Use lube. There's nothing like a little personal lubrication to combat any dryness or discomfort.
  3. Relax. The more you relax, the more you enjoy it.
  4. Clitoral stimulation - is non-negotiable for idyllic G-spot climaxing.
  5. Pressing harder does not help. Like a remote with flat batteries, pressing the buttons harder doesn't get the TV going!
  6. Keep hands clean and nails short. Long or torn nails hurt and are hazardous.

Waking the G-Spot

That precious G-spot of yours is only aroused when you're sufficiently turned on. Otherwise, it stays very hidden, very small and very quiet. It’s only when it becomes aroused and swollen that its delightful reactions begin. A sure way to get it to raise its little head is by stimulating your clitoris. Of course, other types of stimulation do work, but clitoral coaxing is the easy winner.

In 1950, Dr. Gräfenberg identified the G-spot as an erogenous zone. It is thanks to his work that it now has such acclaim as a primary player in out-of-this-world orgasms.

How to Stimulate the G-Spot

As said earlier - please always ensure your nails are short and your hands are 100% clean or gloved. This is to safeguard your health.

1. Gently slide two slightly-curled fingers into the vagina to explore the front wall. There, you'll find a small ridged bump barely 1 cm across that protrudes a little if it's aroused.

2. Slowly and gently massage it in little spirals with your fingers. Gradually slow down to half speed. Work in smaller and smaller loops until your fingers work only on the G-spot. Continue until it seems your fingers aren't moving at all.

3. Increase the pressure slightly and notice the body's spontaneous reaction! Keep this up in whatever pattern you choose. Stimulate the area around it as well because like a massage - too much focus on one spot becomes irritating after a while.

4. Tease and experiment. You can also use your finger in a "come hither" motion to put pressure on the whole G-spot area. Find your own style by practising and watching reactions. 

If You Want to Practice... 

If you would like to practice on a dummy first, then here's how:

Make a micro ball of Prestik, putty or Plasticine less than 3 mm in diameter. Choose a spot on your table and put the ball on that spot. 

For this exercise, that putty is your G-spot. Using one finger, roll the ball in small, gentle circles with just enough pressure to move it but not squash it.

Move the ball around and around and over that exact spot. Keep the movement varied. Now make the circles smaller and tighter, then a little larger, but never larger than 2 cm circles. Then smaller again. Keep up the variation until you finally, with even smaller circles, increase the pressure enough to squash the ball flat. Llke a crumpet.

Using only one finger now and with circular motions, coax the crumpet into a ball again. If you manage that, you are now skilled. These small circles and light pressures are exactly what the ladies love.

It Takes Two to Tango

Remember - the G-spot is usually pretty inactive most of the time; it is only when the clitoris is invited to the party that it shows interest. With the two together, an intensity builds up that you just cannot stop, nor do you want to.

A little by-the-way:

Just because it FEELS like you're losing control doesn't mean you are. It's just your body saying it's having the time of its life!

Choosing G-Spot Sex Toys

If you're looking to bring sex toys into this play, there are many designed specifically for exciting the G-spot. They're characterised by the curve at the one end of the shaft. The curve defines the pressure on the G-spot, so the curve is what you want!

The next most important thing when buying G-Spot stimulators is the vibration. Be aware that cheap toys are generally weaker than their quality counterparts, so choose wisely. You need a solid vibrator to do this properly - preferably one that has a few settings, such as pulsating, escalating & throbbing. The modes make a huge difference to the intensity of your orgasm.

That is all you need to bear in mind. The colour, the make and the functionality are now up to you. You might also like to look at our range of clitoral vibrators to promote that G-spot pleasure.

G-Spot Positions for Couples 

Position 1: She's on her back, with knees to chest and bottom raised. A pillow or bolster helps keep it raised. He's on his knees, facing her, allowing him to control movement and angle.

Position 2: She's on her knees, with her feet off the side of the bed. He's standing behind her at an angle that ensures his manhood can nudge her G-spot.

Position 3: He's lying down, and she's on top. She's sitting straight up or leaning back a little, which allows her to control depth, pace, and angle.

G-Spot Sex Positions vs Partner-Interactive G-Spot Orgasms

Just because you're trying a G-spot-friendly position doesn't mean you're going to orgasm in true G-spot fashion.

Yes, the sex positions DO help, and that's lovely; however, most ladies won't have the same universe-crunching orgasm as you do when the clitoris and G-spot are given direct attention together. Doing this solo is OK, but letting your partner do it is the best because they can tend to the clitoris and G-spot at the same time, producing that tumultuous climax.

In a nutshell, get your partner involved, let them stimulate both precious spots at once, and you simply lie back and enjoy!