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Become a Kegel Expert: How To & the Results

Whether you are male or female, strong Kegel muscles (also known as PC Muscles) lead to more robust and more satisfying orgasms, which means better sex lives. Yes, a lot of men also do Kegel exercises!
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Exercise Can Be Exciting

Your Secret Weapon for Stronger Orgasms 

Whether you are a man or a woman, strong Kegel muscles (also known as PC Muscles) lead to more satisfying orgasms. Toning and strengthening these muscles is much more enjoyable than first imagined. This is called the Kegel / PC Muscle because it’s easier to say than the biologically correct Pubococcygeus muscle! 

Femme Fatale Kegel Muscles

The PC Muscle is found at the base of the vagina and controls the size and strength of the vaginal opening. These muscles play a vital role for women in sex and can cause intense orgasms.

These same muscles also assist in childbirth and bladder control. When you're next on the highway, remember that they are what helps you hold on until the next pit stop.

To feel them in action, tense them as if trying to suppress the call of Nature. Squeeze tight. Hold it for as long as you can…Longer! Tighter! Feel them? Well, that's a start, but there’s a lot of exercise to do. It’s not like going to the gym, though - this will feel MUCH better!

How PC Muscles Help During Sex

As we said - Kegel exercises tighten and strengthen the vagina. The toning of the vagina allows you to wrap your vagina tighter around his penis, and that means you have control of your man's orgasm.

When you’ve been practising for a few months, you’ll be able to tense and wiggle these muscles, making him climax on command. Of course, it depends on the staying power of your man, but our studies show that when your Kegel force is strong, he’s totally yours!

It was Dr. Arnold Kegel who invented an instrument to accurately measure the strength of the PC muscle on his invention (called the Perineometer) by a woman squeezing an air-filled bulb. Since then, the PC muscles have also been known as Kegel muscles!

"The condition of the Kegel muscles has an enormous influence on the sexual performance of not only a woman but also a man.

Sex Toys That Aid PC Muscle Exercise

PC muscles can be exercised by tightening and tensing them. This is best done when the muscles have something to tighten around. Like your partner, but life doesn’t always offer us such conveniences, so Matilda's comes to the rescue! 

The linked balls of the Kegel tools are designed to vibrate naughtily as you move. It is your natural reflex to clench your muscles, and this little provocation adds big mischief to your daily routine! Fortunately, these balls are almost silent, so you can wear them anywhere incognito! Although they won’t cause you to climax, they do tone your Kegels and feel unbelievably great. A win-win situation for all concerned!

For those of you ladies who might need a little something slippery to help the Balls in, it is a very good idea to consider a quality Personal Lubricant for smoother action. And if you want to raise the excitement a little higher, think about a sassy stimulating lube or two - these truly will get you giggling!

Our Kegel Balls are known by many different names: Love Balls, Ben-Wa Balls, Kegel Balls, Geisha Balls, and Vaginal Balls. And, surprising for some - many men are into these dancing little devils now as well.

A quote from stated:

"The condition of the Kegel muscles has an enormous influence on the sexual performance of not only a woman but also a man. Men, however, are rarely aware of the fact that weaker erections may be associated with weaker Kegel muscles. There are simple Kegel exercises to strengthen erection, control ejaculation, and experience more intensive orgasms."

What are you waiting for, Guys?