How To Choose a Clitoral Vibrator

Clitoral Vibrators: How to Choose

Clitoral vibrators may all have one job – to stimulate the clitoris to orgasm – but they don’t all do it the same way.
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How to Choose the Best Clitoral Vibe for You

So Many Choices!

Clitoral vibrators may all have one job – to stimulate the clitoris to orgasm – but they don’t all do it the same way.

The most wonderful thing about the clitoris is that it’s not just a teeny nub somewhere near the top of the vulva, as many folks believe. The clitoris is actually a complex and nerve-rich organ that extends around the sides of the vulva. It’s kind of a horseshoe shape. The ‘nub’ that most people think is the whole of the clitoris, is actually just the head of a highly sensitive and oh-so-arousable internal structure that swells and becomes even more sensitive with stimulation.


Mini Swan Wand


The Mini Swan Wand
A delicious clitoral vibrator.

 You might be wondering why we’re harping on so much about this non-visible part of the clitoris. Well, it turns out it’s really important when it comes to choosing the right clitoral vibrator. There are a couple of different shapes and sizes of vibrator designed for external stimulation, and choosing the right clitoral vibrator depends on what kind of stimulation works best for you. Let’s go through them by stimulation type, shall we?

Clitoral Vibrators: Broad Stimulation

This is the kind of feeling you get from a wand, like the famous Hitachi (the first, and therefore best known, vibrating wand). The rounded head of a vibrating wand delivers stimulation throughout the vulva area, not just directly on the ‘exposed’ shaft of the clitoris. You can get larger wands – like the Lelo Smart Wand – or smaller (and lighter) ones like the Swan Palmpower.

You can even get dainty handheld ones like the Bodywand. They all have that rounded head in common, but their level of power can differ greatly. The Palmpower is your biggest bang for buck, delivering strong rumbly vibes through a medium-sized head and a lightweight shaft. The Bodywand is cute and easy to hold, but is battery powered so it can’t quite live up to the wand’s reputation for wham-bam-thank-you-m’am vooma. By far our favourite, if you’re looking for an easy hand-held vibrator with wand-style action and surprisingly powerful vibes, is the Swan Mini Wand.

Pebble vibrators also give broad stimulation, though they’re much smaller and more lightweight. Most pebble vibrators are high quality with several power settings, which makes them very popular for first-timers. The Je Joue Mimi, Minna Limon and Lelo Lily 2 are some of our best sellers. Some pebble vibrators are rounded on one end and a bit more pointy on the other, so they can deliver broad stimulation and pinpoint stimulation. Bonus!

Clitoral Vibrators: Pinpoint Stimulation

Pinpoint stimulation is a little more ... direct. A pointy tip to the vibrator delivers pleasure directly to that delicate nub we all know and love. Of course, the tip can be applied wherever you want it, including to nipples and rubbed around the entire vulva. But it really comes into its own when laid up against the shaft of the clitoris to stimulate it fully.

Pinpoint vibrators vary in size and shape, from the classic bullet shape of the Flight of Fantasy, to the rounded bullet of the Pure Pleasure, to WeVibe’s powerful and versatile Touch. Many of the smaller vibrators are battery powered, but you can get lipstick-sized rechargeables that are wonderfully powerful if you need a bit more oomph in your pinpoint pleasure.

 One of our very favourites for pinpoint stimulation is the Bijoux 21 Diamond, with its many faceted surfaces that allow you to pick exactly how broad or how perfectly on point you want them. Mmmm.

Clitoral Vibrators: Indirect Stimulation

It’s had a lot of coverage over the last year or so, and many imitators, and we love the Womanizer for its weird and wonderful indirect stimulation of the clitoris by means of a vacuum pump that stimulates without even touching. We predict that more and more clitoral vibrators will offer this kind of amazing indirect stimulation.