Anal Sex Adventures: What you need to know to play

Anal Sex Adventures: What You Need to Know to Play

Anal sex is not usually the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of mutually-satisfying sex, but for some, it is the ultimate escapade and worthy of more acclaim.

Playtime Has Never Been So Naughty!

Anal sex is probably not the first thing you think of when you think 'sex'. But it's more common than believed. Guys want it because it's tighter than regular sex, or they've seen it in porn, and girls like it as a bargaining chip to get their wiley ways! Believe it or not, if done correctly, it can be incredible for both parties. And, the secret is out: plenty of women love it just for the feeling!

Whatever a person's sexual preferences, anyone can experiment with anal sex and enjoy it. Did you know It's the primary form of sex in countries where contraception is unavailable?

It's not something to rush into wherever you are, though, particularly if you’re a beginner. Why not first acquaint yourself with our bottom-play tips and rules below to get you more in the know?

Preparation, Then Pleasure

Our Number 1 tip is to prepare yourself properly first. We mean hygiene, slickness and communication with your partner.

When talking of slickness, we're talking of lubrication. You’re no doubt wondering if anal sex hurts. Well, it could if you don't use anal lubes – water-based ones, that is.  Lube is essential for comfortable and safe anal sex, so don't even think you can do without it. In fact, for an excellent orgasm-inducing experience, the more lube, the better. And just the fact that it's slippery adds to the fun and games. Extra slippery = extra sexy!

Easy Anal Water Based Lubricant
Sexy when slippery!


Condoms are our Number 2 (non-negotiable) rule. Although there's no risk of pregnancy during anal sex, STIs can still be spread, and quickly. Condoms help combat this. Even if you're in a monogamous relationship and have frequent tests, condoms are also fantastic for minimising clean-ups.

Start Small & Sexy

Just as foreplay is an instigator of great vaginal sex, so too is anal penetration. Tickle around the outside of their rectum while going down on your partner. The more you engage in anal stimulation, the more of an erotic thrill it becomes over time.

The whole point of anal play is to keep it simple. Start with fingers, tongues or an anal sex toy. Despite its naughty name, the anal beads by ROMP are great for initiation. Or invest in tempting anal plugs for exploring different sensations. Be sure to introduce all new toys slowly to prepare for the mounting new sensations.

Change Positions

Not all anal play is done doggy style. There are other intimate, steamy positions for you to try until you find one that's your fit. Here are some of our suggestions to get you going:

Missionary.  Couples, adjust your missionary position for incredible anal sex. Add supporting cushions under her hips to create a better angle. Bend her legs to his chest or place them over his shoulders for even more riveting sensations. From there, it’s all about the mood. With a slow rhythm and gentle massaging of each other’s bodies, it can be intimate and sensual. 

Spooning. There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as turning an early morning cuddle into slow sex. This position means rear-entry, which works for many lovers. It's a slower, more intimate approach - close enough to kiss each other, yet frees your hands to stimulate and touch all over.

The Cowgirl. This is one of women's most highly-rated positions because it lets her control the speed and depth of thrusting. Being on top can be a great anal sex position, too. She straddles him and sets the speed. He can use his hands to cup her bottom, and she can wrap her legs around him for extra support. 

Malesation Butt Plug

Malesation Butt Plug
Offers sensational anal play for beginners & the experienced. 

It's Much Cleaner than You Think

Contrary to what you imagine, anal sex is not dirty. The anus and the lower part of the rectum actually have very few goods in storage, which means, if you've douched yourself well, butt sex is cleaner than you think. 

Surprisingly Good

Based on people's preferences, the styles of sex change. This is true for butt-play as well, so be open to change and take it slowly. After steady practice, the ultimate bottom orgasm might just surprise you!