Everything You need to know about PC Muscles & Kegel Exercises

Everything You Need to Know About PC Muscles & Kegel Exercises

Whether you are a man or a woman, strong Kegel muscles (also known as PC Muscles) lead to stronger and more satisfying orgasms.
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Exercising Can Be Exciting!

Exercise your Way to Stronger Orgasms! 

Whether you are a man or a woman, strong Kegel muscles (also known as PC Muscles) lead to more satisfying orgasms. Toning and strengthening these muscles is much more enjoyable than you could ever imagine. It'll lead to sensational and stimulating feelings you never thought possible. Trivia: The Kegel / PC Muscle is called this because it’s easier to say than the biologically correct pubococcygeus muscle! Now you know!


Femme Fatale Kegel Muscles

The PC Muscle is found at the base of the vagina and controls the size and strength of the vaginal opening. These muscles play a vital sexual role for all women.

They assist in childbirth and can heighten the intensity of orgasms during sex.The very same muscles also control your bladder! When you are on the highway somewhere outside Harrismith and kilometers away from the next petrol station, it's these muscles that help you keep it in until you see the big Blue Engen sign.

To feel them in action, tense them now as if trying to suppress the call of nature… Squeeze them tight now. Hold it for as long as you can… Longer! Tighter! Feel them? Well, that's a start, but there’s a lot of exercising to do. It’s not like going to the gym though, this is going to feel GREAT!

How Do PC Muscles Help During Sex?

Kegel exercises help tighten and strengthen the vagina. The toning of the vagina produces more contact around the penis. An added benefit to all of your exercising is that you’ll be able to control your man!

When you’ve been practicing for a few months, you’ll be able to tense up and make him climax on command. Of course it depends on the staying power of your man, but our studies show that when your Kegel force is strong – he’s all yours!

Trivia: Dr. Arnold Kegel invented an instrument called a Perineometer. It is used for accurately measuring the strength of the PC Muscle by squeezing an air-filled bulb. Ever since then, the PC muscle has also been known as Kegel muscles. Bet you didn't know that!

Sex Toys That Aid PC Muscle Exercise

The PC-Muscle can be exercised by tightening and tensing it. This is best done when the muscle has something to tighten around. We know that it’s best to tighten these muscles around your partner but life doesn’t always offer us these luxuries! 

That’s why there are a wide range of high-quality toys that are designed especially for this purpose. They are known by many different names: Love balls, Ben-Wa balls, Kegel balls, Geisha balls, vaginal balls…

The linked balls are designed to vibrate silently as you move. Every move you make causes the balls to shake frantically. They are great to wear while going about what would normally be a mundane daily routine. Fortunately for us, they are virtually silent so you can wear them anywhere and for several hours! Although these toys won’t cause you to climax they will feel absolutely great!