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Anal Play - From The Bottom Up

  • 2 min read

For newcomers to anal play we know it can seem a bit daunting, but remember that with some delightful anal toys in hand, you will experience such erogenous delights that you simply won't look back! It's time to get to know your bottom much better.

The Romans knew it 2000 years ago and now it’s your turn ! Bottoms up we say… There are some really excellent anal toys available for both girls and guys and Matilda's stocks the greatest products for anal stimulation.

Great Techniques

Here are some really great techniques you can use to get you ready for anal penetration:

  • Begin by relaxing your anus muscles whilst having an invigorating shower or a long warm bath. Relax, put some mood music on and take your time getting to know this unfamiliar territory.
  • For spectacular anal stimulation place some lube, such as Toy Fluid or Analyse Me on your finger and gently caress the opening of your anus.
  • Then, slowly and gently, insert your finger inside your anus rubbing and clenching your anal muscles. This will help you to adjust to this new erotic sensation. Once you are comfortable with these new feelings you can begin playing with a great variety of anal toys designed just for beginners.
  • Communication is absolutely vital when it comes down to anal play. Talk to your partner about how you feel during anal sex and do remember to take it slowly. The rectum is a sensitive region with delicate tissue that can be easily torn.
  • Keep plenty of lube on hand to ensure a comfortable and safe experience.
  • We recommend that you start off with a small butt plug or an anal dildo, and be sure to only use safe anal toys made from high-quality rubber or silicone - plenty of lube and high-quality toys are the key to a fun and satisfying sex life. Lube is absolutely essential when it comes to anal sex/play! Always use plenty and you will be certain of a pleasurable experience.