Grab a Big Bowl of Delicious Morning Sex

Why Morning Sex is So Good!

Many women wait for sex in the evening – maybe because they want to feel clean, prepped and ready to relax after a long day or perhaps it's so they can set the scene with some candles and music. We say - shove it! Rather engage in some early morning sex - it's got way more benefits!

Sex – The Breakfast of Champions

Why You Should Have Sex in the Morning

Many women wait for sex in the evening – maybe because they want to feel clean, prepped and ready to relax after a long day or perhaps it's so they can set the scene with some candles and music.

So, why should you wake from your deep slumber to play with the beast? The answer is simple - the crack of dawn is actually the best time of the day to get busy in the bedroom. The reason is that guys have a whole lot of testosterone in the morning. Night time is when men's bodies build up a day's supply of this virile hormone.

This also results in nocturnal penile tumescence, which causes a man to have three to five erections as he sleeps – meaning that he'll probably wake up with a woody waiting for some love and attention.

We know that many women shy away from morning sex - not because it doesn't feel fantastic, but because they feel rather unsexy in the morning. It's hard to get your mojo pumping when you're feeling self-conscious about all of your undesirable morning attributes, shining through brighter than the sunrise.

However, while a pillow creased, makeup free face, awarding winning dragon's breath and Medusa hair may seem like catastrophic obstacles to overcome, we guarantee that your guy is willing to overlook these minor setbacks in favour of a delicious morning treat!

The early bird catches the worm, so wiggle up against your man and get some morning action. If you're having trouble initiating breakfast booty, check out the following tips for scoring in the A.M.:

Tips for a Happy Wake Up

Tip 1 | Be Prepared There are a couple of simple things that can help minimize certain morning unpleasantries. For instance, if your breath could wilt a flower, keep mints next to the bed or sneak out for a quick brush. Also, be sure to use the bathroom before you go to sleep so there aren't any pressing calls of nature when you're trying to get intimate.

Tip 2 | Rise and Shine Set your alarm a little earlier than usual, making each other late for work makes morning sex stressful. Conversely, knowing you both have places to be adds to the rush. Be sure to set your alarm tone to something soothing - waking up to sirens may not have the same seductive effect as peaceful chimes.

Tip 3 | Easy Does It Morning is a sensitive time for most people. Wake your partner gently with tender caresses or soft massaging. If he's in a deep sleep, it might be best to leave him alone even if his manhood has popped a tent big enough for a circus, interrupting REM sleep just isn't sexy.

Tip 4 | Grab a Spoon Try positions that don't involve face to face contact so you won't worry about stuff like morning breath. Spooning is a nice, easy position for the morning. It's an intimate position that allows him to play with your breasts and clitoris while staying cosy under the covers.

Bonuses of Morning Whoopee

Bonus 1 | Feel Good All Day

Morning sex can put you in a good mood for the rest of the day because of the feel good hormones it releases oxytocin and vasopressin. These chemicals will deepen your feelings of attachment and will make you feel closer to your man.

Bonus 2 | Better Than a Morning Jog

Thirty minutes of sex burns about 85 calories. This isn't quite as intense as a morning jog (about 300 calories per 30 minutes) however, we pretty sure you'll enjoy morning sex a whole lot more - and who says it only has to be half an hour? In fact, dudes tend to last longer in the morning because of the potent testosterone build up. Yay!

Bonus 3 | Wake Up, Mix It Up

Keeping things new and exciting in a relationship can be tricky business. Initiating morning sex is a great way to change up your routine. He'll be pleasantly surprised when you jump his bones before breakfast which will undoubtedly leave him hungry for more of your wanton ways later in the day.