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November 05, 2015

The Best Sex Toys For Women

Find the toy to suit you best!

The Lady of Leisure, the Power Broker, the Soccer Mom, the Gym Queen... people may try to put labels on every woman, but at the end of the day every woman is unique, and wonderful!

And it's your uniqueness that means not every toy works for every woman. Body shapes are different, preferences are different, and what turns you on or takes you over the edge might be completely different from what turns on your friends or colleagues.

We love it! We love that there are so many wonderful ways to be a woman, and we love that there are so many wonderful sex toys for women out there that we can find the right one for you.

So, when it comes to choosing sex toys for women, you are indeed a Lady of Leisure, because you can sit back, relax, and let us point you in the direction of sheer pleasure.

When you're choosing your perfect sex toy, the first question is 'vibes or no vibes'? No vibes: nice and easy then, it's a dildo for you.

Want vibration? Great: do you prefer internal or external stimulation? Or a bit of both? Looking for something completely different?

No problem, we've got that covered too. And let's not forget that getting sexy is not only about the toys. Recline at leisure in beautiful, silky lingerie and you'll soon be in the mood for loving.

Add some romance with candles or deliciously sensual bath products and massage oils. Turn up the heat with a clitoral enhancing gel, enjoy your favourite new toy, and that's a night of bliss right there. Though we're betting your partner wouldn't say no to joining in on the fun if they're invited...

Top Sex Toys for Women

Wink Clitoral Vibrator by Crave

Sex Toys for Women: Crave Wink Clitoral Vibrator


Looks innocent, doesn't it? The mascara-sized Wink clitoral vibe can keep going for up to six hours on a single battery, though we guarantee it'll take much less than that to deliver pinpoint bliss to your most sensitive spot.

Shunga Love Bath

Sex Toys for Women: Shunga Love Bath


Divinely scented, the silky Shunga Love Bath gel will get you in the mood for loving. Whether you're bathing alone or with a lover, this erotic pearlescent bath gel will set the scene for a night of pampering.

Lelo Ella Dildo

Sex Toys for Women: Lelo Ella Dildo


The Ella is luxurious, beautiful, and one of the best designed dildos we've encountered. The double-ended shape caters for every angle of stimulation, including a flat g-spot head that seems to hit the spot every time. This gorgeous sex toy definitely deserves a place in your bedside drawer.

Fifty Shades Inner Goddess Pleasure Balls

Sex Toys for Women: Inner Goddess Pleasure Balls


Kegel Balls tone your pelvic muscles, giving you greater control and stronger orgasms. The Inner Goddess Pleasure Balls from the Fifty Shades range are sturdy stainless steel with a bodysafe silicone cord. They make getting your exercise a true pleasure.

Womanizer Pro 500

Sex Toys for Women: Womanizer Pro 500


The revolutionary sex toy for women that claims guaranteed orgasms every time,  the Womanizer hasn't let us down yet. The Womanizer Pro 500 is the second generation of this amazing clitoral pleasure toy, featuring a more ergonomic design and refined functions.

Mimi Soft by Je Joue

Sex Toys for Women: Mimi Soft Clitoral Vibrator


Mimi Soft is a beautifully designed clitoral vibrator. Don't be fooled by the small size and soft tip - Mimi delivers strong, rumbling vibration where you want it most. Mimi's size and shape make it a versatile and luxurious clitoral vibrator you'll be reaching for again and again.

The Mammoth Book of Quick & Dirty Erotica

Sex Toys for Women: Mammoth-Book-Quick-and-Dirty-Erotica


A lady at leisure needs a leisurely (and sexy) read, and we have just the thing. It's hard to pick just one favourite from our selection of erotica and sex guides, but we do love the Mammoth Book of Quick & Dirty Erotica. There are 120 very short stories - perfect for snapping up a little sexy treat to get you in the mood for fun.

Uma G-Spot Vibrator by Je Joue

Sex Toys for Women: Uma G-Spot Vibrator by Je Joue


The sensual curves of the UmaWaterproof Vibrator are perfect for internal and external stimulation, while the powerful motor provides on-the-spot rumbling vibrations for perfect playtime every time.

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