Sex Toy For Woman - Top Tips & Toys

Sex Toys for Women - Top Tips & Toys

When it comes to choosing sex toys for women, become a Lady of Leisure by sitting back, relaxing, and allowing us to point you in the right direction.


The Best Sex Toys For Women

Find The Toys That Suit You Best

The Lady of Leisure, the Power Broker, the Soccer Mom, the Gym Queen... people may try to label every woman, but at the end of the day, each is unique with individual preferences.

It is precisely this uniqueness that means not every toy works for every woman. Body shapes and preferences are different, and what turns you on might ultimately differ from what turns others on.

We love that there are so many wonderful ways to be a woman and that there are so many wonderful sex toys out there that are just right for you.

When it comes to choosing sex toys for women, become a Lady of Leisure, and sit back, relax, and let us point you in the right direction.

The first question to consider is: "Vibes or no vibes?"  for your perfect sex toy

No vibes? Easy - it's a dildo for you!

With vibes? Then, do you prefer internal or external stimulation? A bit of both? Or something completely different? No problem; we have that covered, too.

Once you have decided and acquired some handy little tools, let's not forget that feeling sexy is not only about the toys. Take a luxury bubble bath, do your hair, dab some exotic perfume, play sensual music, and waft around in titillating silky lingerie. Perhaps add a sprinkling of romantic candles or massage oils, too. Anything to feel in the mood...

Finally, turn up the heat with a clitoral-enhancing gel and begin the night of bliss you desire. Perhaps also Invite your partner to join in the fun and cook up some stormy passion together as you sample each stunning toy.

Happy sampling!


Top Sex Toys for Women

Wink Clitoral Vibrator by Crave


Looks innocent, but don't be deceived. The mascara-sized Wink clitoral vibe can run for up to six hours on a single battery, though we are pleasantly persuaded it will need much less than that for pinpoint bliss.


Shunga Love Bath

Sex Toys for Women: Shunga Love Bath


Divinely scented, the honey-like Shunga Love Bath gel gets you in the mood for loving. Whether you're bathing alone or with a lover, this erotic pearlescent bath gel sets the scene for a beautiful night of pampering.


DAME Arc G-Spot Vibe 


The Arc G-Spot by Dame enables the exploration of the different sensations of a vibrator. Target the vulva or clitoris with the beaked ridge on the Arc's Bulb and warm up externally before going deeper into the sensations.


Fifty Shades Inner Goddess Pleasure Balls

Sex Toys for Women: Inner Goddess Pleasure Balls


Kegel Balls tone your pelvic muscles, giving you greater control and stronger orgasms. The sturdy stainless steel of the balls and the body-safe silicone cord of Inner Goddess Pleasure Balls from the Fifty Shades range catches your attention…all designed to turn exercise into unexpected pleasure.


Womanizer PREMIUM Eco


The Womanizer PREMIUM eco is completely unique in that it's the first-ever Pleasure Air sex toy made of sustainable, renewable materials. Good for the planet and INCREDIBLY good for your body, it's the ideal sex toy for the environmentally-minded.


Mimi Soft by Je Joue

Sex Toys for Women: Mimi Soft Clitoral Vibrator


Mimi Soft is a beautifully designed clitoral vibrator. Don't be fooled by the small size and soft tip - Mimi delivers strong, rumbling vibrations where you want them most. Mimi's size and shape make it a versatile and travel-friendly clitoral vibrator you'll be glad you acquired.



A lady at leisure needs a leisurely (and sexy) read, and we have just the thing. It's not an easy task picking just one favourite from our selection of erotica and sex guides, but we do love the TOY GASMS. This book describes all the many adult toys available on the market, so if confused by the vast array, let this handy little book be your guide.


Uma G-Spot Vibrator by Je Joue

Sex Toys for Women: Uma G-Spot Vibrator by Je Joue


The sensual curves of the Uma Waterproof Vibrator are perfect for internal and external coaxing, while the powerful motor provides on-the-spot, goose-bump vibrations for galvanising playtimes.